Indonesia called on the Indonesian textile imports pose a threat to the arts

 Indonesian media published an article headlined: imports of textiles and the arts pose a threat to Indonesia. From China in the near future a large number of Indonesian batik products, visit the town market, Indonesia’s own traditional fabric producers are worried that they asked the Government to investigate as soon as possible.

Industry data released this month show that last year’s illegal entry into Indonesia’s batik textile design to achieve 290,000,000,000 rupiah (240,000,000 Hong Kong dollars), mainly from China, Indonesia last year, constitute the sale of all products, batik 10%. Indonesian Textile Association (API), chairman Benny Soetrisno said that China’s imports from Indonesia have an impact on the industry at all levels.

He said the batik printing industry by the impact of the most serious, but the Chinese imports have an impact on sales batik canting industry. According to the traditional method of batik is filled with a liquid wax include piping hot wooden pen tool in the printing and dyeing cloth patterns on the surface. Batik printing speed, low cost, mass-produced.

Chinese batik patterns from the unique selling price lower than similar products in Indonesia, and Indonesia by local pay attention to the work of like a tailor. Batik is often used to Malaysia-Buqun people wear, short skirts, hats and other apparel.

Mr Soetrisno called on the Government to step up trade restrictions. Indonesian batik own about 800,000 industrial workers, most of them women, small production units. Indonesia’s batik industry is expected to enter a period of rapid growth, the annual growth rate of 5-10% of young people growing batik like products. China’s batik products smuggled into Indonesia, local merchants selling low-cost, to profit from them. China only three years ago began mass production of batik products.

Indonesian batik is the art of a nation. Indonesia has 3,000 patterns, including flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies, fish, insects and geometric shapes. The use of color is light brown, blue, brown and black.