The elegant luxurious carpets, elegant fashion experience

Carpet is not only a aristocrat of the decoration in the world, that emotion is more a reflection of personal taste works of art. Each deputy elegant luxury carpets are a condensation technology rugs division’s mental state. It rolled into the classical avant-garde fashion elegant in a small space, shows the master of inspiration and creativity has become the new collection of aristocratic circles.
It is hard to say is the first collection under the carpet or the material for the production of carpets, rugs or design of the development of his collection of standards, but these areas are essential to the collection of carpets. Good materials such as pure wool carpets, such as making a good hand-weaving, such as good design is a wonderful design, the best a necessary condition for the carpet, the eyes of collectors is the most precious collections, and its artistic value beyond imagination The.

If you can not help heart carpet collection, as soon as possible on the action bar. However, the need to remind you that we must first of the technology rugs, style, genre and so on have to understand, to know what carpet collection is worth and what rugs no value to the collection. Because of expensive carpets to prevent unnecessary economic losses, will produce its desired effects.

Tracing to its source

The use of carpet can be traced back to before the 3000 Middle East of the Kingdom of Babylon, Sumerian and Assyrian Kingdom of the Kingdom. In China, production and use of carpet is the origin of ethnic minorities in the western region of nomadic tribes, as early as 2000 years ago, the Western Han period, with the introduction of Buddhism, the Tibetan people by Niu Mao, Buddha made of wool pad and then on into blankets , To form the embryonic stage of China’s carpet industry. Tang and Song Dynasties, the production method of gradually spread to the mainland, the weaving technology is improving gradually improved, but only carpet court at the time Huang Qin, bureaucratic aristocracy is good enough, and it is all handmade, the production of slow development. Until the mid-1980s, with the reform and opening up, people’s living standards improved, carpet, the ancient works of art before people become accustomed to, the carpet collection began with the development.

At present, all over the world on the production of carpets, the whole can be divided into two categories: modern weaving machines and hand-woven carpet of antique carpets. According to the manual process, such as carpet can be divided into different plastic back of pure wool carpets, carpet male, Bosi carpet, the palace carpets, silk carpets and silk carpets like, and so on; according to different density are divided into 90, 120, 160, 200, 300, 400 and so on. Road, the higher the number, the higher the value of the technology, the higher the grade, the higher the value of the collection. Therefore, the carpet in the collection, said the general’s hand is pure carpet.

Modern value of the goods is not high

The modern machine-woven carpets are characterized by: to make more use of polypropylene fiber, chemical fiber raw materials such as acrylic woven into. Modern carpet into the main pure wool carpets, rugs blend, chemical fiber carpets three categories. Extension of modern carpet weaving and carpet weaving Kuaitan. Woven into the carpet: first, full carpets (usually 4 m m X25), can cut more room for the full and shop corridors, staircases and so on laying. Second, Kuaitan, and there is a light, bright color, design changes, inexpensive, easy to clean. The modern machine-woven carpets, carpet surface color of chemical dyes made of thin blankets, the value of the collection is not high.

Antique carpets aristocracy

As a major antique carpet collection has been of concern to collectors. Work fine antique carpets, brilliant, does not contain any non-natural ingredients and dyeing work, is completely natural raw materials and traditional techniques of hand, is highly collectible, is a modern carpet can not be compared. From the pure natural wool, hand-spun pure lines and plants, mineral extraction of raw materials, is enough to note the antique carpet collection value, but also determines the antique carpets great appreciation of space.