Informa forecast 2009-10 U.S. cotton acreage 7,652,000 acres

Friday, the non-official economic forecasts Informa analysts ,2009-10 U.S. cotton acreage to 7,652,000 acres. Informa forecast in the 2009-10 cotton acreage below the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast in the 2008-09 planting area of 9,410,000 acres.

Informa forecasts, upland cotton planting area of 7,480,000 acres, Pima cotton planting area of 172,000 acres. Informa predicted that the United States and Guo Chanmian big state, Texas, in 2009-10 the area under cultivation for 4,200,000 acres. Cotton and corn acreage reduction, but the increase in soybean acreage. The reason is that the means of production costs the same, but commodity prices.

According to the expected acreage, Informa forecasts ,2009-10-year U.S. cotton production 12,283,000 for the package (480 pounds). The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast in December for the production of 13,610,000 package. Informa forecasts, upland cotton production 11,820,000 package, 463,000 Pima cotton production package.