Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Cotton futures rose Wednesday listed out in full-taking

yesterday and fell further in a few minutes before closing low hit on, brokerage, said investors from the oil and grain prices fell sharply in finding clues, and therefore profit target.

Indicators in December cotton contract CTZ8 down 2.01 cents, or nearly 4.25 percent, reported 44.35 cents a pound. In the last few minutes before the close, the contract plunged 4.58 percent to 44.20 cents, off a high of 46.57 cents.

But the market remained supported. Frustrate the contract last Friday to a contract low of 43.64 cents, in February 2005 for the first time since.

March cotton futures CTH9 down 2.24 cents, or more than 4.30 percent, reported 48.63 cents.

As of 2010GMT, 12-month volume of 10,151 cotton mouth.

With the U.S. presidential election dust has settled, one analyst said the slowdown in U.S. economic growth challenges, investors have once again hit my heart.

Some observers believe that the seller is using the price rise Tuesday in the high-level lock on profits.

As the price of crude oil and grain also recently lost territory, cotton is unlikely to adhere to high. “I think that cotton can not afford to go it alone, its performance is not strictly in line with the fundamentals of the real situation, but has been on the market to respond to the other.” Its And said that the U.S. economic slowdown and its impact will once again become the focus.

Brokers Flanagan Trading that the period of December cotton key support at 43.64 cents a contract low of 45.35 and resistance at 46.65 cents. If it fell below support, or 42.20 cents in the re-support.

With the election over, some of the dealer or the seller that will make a comeback Thursday.

Exchange data show that the volume of 13,681 Tuesday, down from Monday’s 17,044.