Introduction: common types of rubber roller and use

1. natural roll: excellent elastic and mechanical strength, good alkali tolerance, used for textiles, leather, packaging paper press-in devices such as cots and metallurgy, mine-traction rubber rollers. 2. NBR rubber rollers: excellent oil resistance, and wear resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance is good for printing, printing and dyeing, chemical fibre, paper, packaging, plastics processing equipment and other occasions of contact hydrocarbon solvent oils and fats. 3. Chloroprene rubber rollers: excellent abrasion resistance, high fire resistance, aging resistance, good heat-resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkaline, for PCB etching machine, plastic, leather, printing, food printing, normal coating machine and other equipment. 4. butyl rubber rollers: high resistance to chemical solvents, better heat resistance (170), good acid and alkaline, suitable for color printing machinery, leather, coating equipment, etc. 5. ethylene-propylene rubber rollers: excellent ozone aging, weathering resistance, with a temperature wide, in the under-65-140 ¡æ long-term work, excellent insulation properties, used in plastics printing machinery, tanning machinery, general areas. 6. polyurethane rubber rollers: with high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance is quite good, often used in papermaking, chemical fiber, wood processing, plastics processing machinery. 7. silicone rubber rubber roll: using its has resistance high temperature, and resistance ozone, and chemical inert and the on plastic of does not viscosity report sexual, for processing hot viscosity products, as polyethylene pressure extended, and pressure sheath, and printing and dyeing and the film and fabric of coated complex adhesive , and plastic composite, electric Halo processing, machinery, also has as sugar production and packaging machine Shang of release material roll and the no spinning cloth manufacturing,. 8. fluorinated rubber roller: site of high heat-resistance, oil, acid and alkali resistance, air permeability, resistance of electrical insulating resistance, aging resistance, flame-resistant, wear-resistant properties is also very good, for special coating equipment.