Introduction of aubusson rugs maintenance of practical knowledge

Built in the new House, rugs, silver spoon with its elegant, foot comfort advantages are widely used, we will find aubusson rugs in using some of the shortcomings we are headache, it is difficult to take care of collection is not easy, and so on, following the introduces of some maintenance skill of aubusson rugs. Carpet cleaning will be a certain proportion of flour, salt and gypsum, the ratio (6:1:1), and into a paste with water heating cooling become dry bulk, and then into small pieces, sprinkle the aubusson rugs dirty, then with a hard brush makes it on aubusson rugs, scroll, rolled up into a powder, and then use the net to vacuum. Specially except aubusson rugs Coke trace if accidentally will aubusson rugs burning Coke, we available patch method elimination, first will burning Coke Department as far as possible with hard hair brush off, and can will aubusson rugs other local of fluff with scissors shear Xia, then with viscosity agent to it viscosity in burning Coke Department, with equivalent to books severity with plane of things pressure in above, to adhesive drying Hou, viscosity Shang of hair firmly has, last with hair brush gently carding about will can. Carpet recovery such as long for new aubusson rugs color no longer bright, to make the old aubusson rugs colors become bright, you can sprinkle salt on the aubusson rugs in the head one night, 2nd day temperature with a clean cloth to remove the salt in the morning, bright color of the aubusson rugs will return. Carpet stain removal of animal and vegetable oil stain on the aubusson rugs, purity higher gasoline can be used to dip the cotton wiping. Juice and beer mark first, wipe with a soft cloth dipped in washing powder solution, then scrub with warm water and a little vinegar solution. Ink traces can sub at the dirty end of fine salt, with warm soapy brush again with the exception. If a thing of the past should be treated with infiltration of milk for a while, and then with a brush dipped in milk Curry.