Purchase laying tibetan rugs at home should be aware of various matters

Carpet is a more advanced paving material, soft and elastic, with good moisture retention and reduced noise performance. Carpets from the material: wool tibetan rugs, tibetan rugs and tibetan rugs wool fiber mixed; from tibetan rugs construction, cut pile tibetan rugs, tufted tibetan rugss, long hair tibetan rugs. Carpet fiber density is tibetan rugs quality level by decision of the major standards. Carpet prices low, broader application. , Made of long fiber mats, surface layer down is not easy to fall off and Pilling, the service life longer than fiber. Fiber weight directly affects sense of tibetan rugs feet and elastic. Addition to select tibetan rugs color, structure, price, should also take into account their wear resistance, resistance to moisture, pressure resistance, flame retardant properties. Carpet should also select the varieties by the antistatic treatment. Prior to the laying tibetan rugs, should clean up the base surface. If applied to a wooden floor, floor loose or damaged should be repaired. If applied to a base in cement ground, should also be SAG and Carina to block the Agency complement of the ground, pick, shovel handle. If the cement ground moisture, start brushing over cold base oil or spread a layer of asphalt paper. Should be designed before laying tibetan rugs shop law. If tibetan rugs mosaic, slot should be placed not conspicuous, or more difficult to damage as much as possible. Along the walls should remain around 1 mm gap. Consistent attention villi mosaics direction, so as to avoid chromatic aberration.