Isfahan rugs Persian rug world renowned

Civilized Persian chinese rugs in the world today, renowned wool chinese rugs is largely attributed to Isfahan, Isfahan rugs make famous of Persian chinese rugs. Isfahan city is a cultural city with a long history, located in the 1600 meters above sea level of Iran plateau. Isfahan rugs are still considered to be the best Persian chinese rugs in the world. Isfahan hand-woven rugs in home chinese rugs award-winning centuries ago members of the East and West, and can occur in the Persian Royal Palace, the Royal family in Europe it’s shadow. The Holy See and the aristocracy is panegyric, not only shop on the ground, more like precious oil paintings, it hangs on the wall. Since the 17 century Persian King Abbas chinese rugs market capital of Isfahan city, Persian chinese rugs are immediately entered the golden age, the best chinese rugs nylon chinese rugs in the world in the period from Isfahan. Isfahan rug chinese rugs network in the world’s best wool ¨C wool Kolk, on a transit line is woven in silk. Its pattern is characterized by the jewel-like Central Kwai, chinese rugs design shahabasi of palm leaves and curling of leaves, winding vines and flowers form.