Method of selecting hand tufted rugs floor mats

By Europe and the United States Mission mat industry is a mature market. With the development needs of the society, China gradually closely follow the trend of developed countries in the world, increasingly high demands on environmental quality, so architectural comparison of top grade now. Laying on the ground can increase the sense of beauty (individual mats can also enhance the corporate image), you can also increase comfort and reduce the cost of clean, because it can be within a certain range of dust and moisture barrier. Identification of flooring materials rely basically on the introduction of sales, as to whether the material issues such as environmental protection, and life, but also cannot be determined, different brands, different quality, different components, specifications for the different components, raw material price difference is also very large, consumer it is difficult to fully understand its performance! So, there will be some in the industry enterprises the opportunity to cut corners, shoddy happens. Kitchen mats, no oil will be used (not including NBR) material shop, because it is not acid, alkali, which will lead to aging, soft, cracks, and so on. Silky pad can only make thick, heavy, because the lower content of PVC, the intensity is low (no wear) and cannot be tensile or UV (fade). -Carpet mats, because of the different production processes, surface and the bottom easily disengaged, hand tufted rugs surface easy to pilling and wear. Not suitable for people laid in high traffic areas. Carpet floor mats fabric grams per square metre of the larger the number, higher water absorption, but used in the actual number of grams of water absorption rate does not exceed fabrics, attracts approximately to the fabric itself 70% the number of grams. There is a water suction cotton, water absorption to the fabric of eight to 10 times, its shortcomings are not durable. Carpet floor mats closer the water absorption of the fabric of g, it sucks the water suction effect worse. Processing individual mats, technology is not correct, result in the use of cracking behavior occurs over time. Less pressure membrane technology for passenger places where mosaic technology for passenger volume. Many enterprises only in rainy days when using anti-sliding mat, this is a misunderstanding. Mat is a function of keeping clean, another is to protect the ground not being worn. Mat effective combination of different, correct laying can remove the sole 95% of dust and moisture, so as to maintain a clean environment, the protection can also extend the life of mats on the ground. Consumers shop around when purchasing, than on the differences between different materials can often be found for more product knowledge, avoid avoid detours. Can the refunding is one way to avoid falling. Users may request warranty book, which claims to also has credentials, you can better protect their legitimate rights and interests. In order to improve the use of mat time, must also pay attention to day-to-day maintenance and repair.