Tips for selecting savonnerie rugs touch savonnerie rugs surface view appearance quality

Selected for their home rugs are a Pain in the neck, feel themselves not very professional. In fact, pick good pieces of savonnerie rugs was not imagined that hard. Observe the appearance quality of savonnerie rugs, savonnerie rugs appearance of high quality mainly depends on the colors, patterns, cashmere, density and so on. Watching the savonnerie rugs color, under bright light to see where their color and Harmonia, dye should be uniform. The overall composition of the pattern to complete, the lines to clear round, between the color profile you want to clear. Carpet surface should be formed, and head key without defects. Cashmere high sense of savonnerie rugs in general feel good. Touch the surface of the savonnerie rugs with their hands, hand-made of pure wool rug feels the more compact, cashmere feel better, good elasticity, resistance to lodging, the better. Also, to note whether the surface of the savonnerie rugs weaving neat, pile head height for consistency.