Island type Superfine fibre synthetic leather characteristics and performance

Superfine fiber synthetic leather mail nylon microfiber and polyurethane two-part, tie them together. Substrate structure, Microfiber three-dimensional cross-linked together to the skeleton and supporting role to play, dermal collagen fiber-like structure. Distribution around the fiber is polyurethane, it makes the entire synthetic leather substrate forming a whole, and has many features. It is not simply fill in the leather body, but has a number of circular foam structures, needle, overall solid mesh. Groove structure of staggered connected, permeability of the formation of micro-structure, has certain air permeability and moisture permeability properties of leather. Synthetic leather is uniform on the whole, there are no poor site, which is synthetic leather in the application of an advantage. But at a specific point and point, between the front and back, on the point of distribution of fiber and polyurethane, there are differences. Non-woven cloth in production is of random network, multilayer overlay eliminating thickness, this Microfiber leather especially surface point differences exist in the body. Polyurethane impregnated nonwovens are in solution, impregnated finish that solidification has for some time later, polyurethane will be part of the settlement at this time, caused it to distribution in distribution in particular, both sides of the base fabric and foam State. These reasons can greatly increase the difficulty of dyeing of Superfine fiber synthetic leather. Leveling, penetration, color fastness, retain strength and feel is a Microfiber cloth for dyeing and finishing of basic requirements. To coloring dyes on the polyurethane material has multiple classes, such as activities of direct dyes, pigments, metal complex dyes and disperse dyes, acid dyes, and so on. But a lot of dyes in addition to outside of polyurethane have good coloring, also had a good paint effects on nylon, both effects deviate from the idea of shade differences will make the final. To do this, consider using direct first disperse dyes for polyurethane dyed or first polyurethane for special handling, ability to make it unique, priority of paint, so as to avoid staining problems. In addition, the use of polyurethane resin coating characteristics of good, we can use pigment coloring rather than dye methods, slurry dispersed well in advance (with polyurethane resins, pigments, DMF, various additives) joined the polyurethane solutions, uniform mixing and then impregnated non-woven cloth, are colored polyamide plain fabric with polyurethane. This technology for high-volume, large variety jobs, influence on some varieties may feel, such as suede leather, garment leather. If the batch is too small the waste is large, in economic production, dyeing and finishing of small variety after batch still need.