(January 12, 2009 – January 16) cotton price stabilization

This week (January 12, 2009 – January 16), southwest of the textile market, yarn, cloth gradually slowing sales potential, cotton price stabilization less supply, prices rise. According to the spinning rate reflected the approach of the Spring Festival, the customer contacts diminishing more and more dense atmosphere of Chinese New Year, the most obvious is the recent reduction in orders, yarn, cloth sales potential gradually slowing down overall performance. But the seemingly calm market also spray thrown up, such as a 50,000-spinning enterprises operating those responsible, the enterprise has a better fabric trend was mainly due to a number of customers do list in time for the anti-spinning holiday clearance rate early stock cars. The person in charge is estimated that this wave of market a short time. In addition, Chongqing, Leshan single weaving factory also reflects some of the low-grade varieties of fabric as a result of demand, fear of the impact of freight during the Spring Festival travel peak, the current suppliers are speeding up the production. Although the overall market slowdown, however, high spinning yarn, cloth basically can still sell, the spinning rate is still to start production. It is understood, Sichuan, Chongqing probably the spinning rate from January 22 after another vehicle vacation, generally 10-15 days of the Spring Festival holiday.

Jiangyou Jinchang cloth industry this week to add a fabric varieties, Renshou golden goose large variety and price adjusted by impact of recent price increases, part of Renshou golden goose fabric varieties offer price, please related to customer concerns. This week: Sichuan, Chongqing region basic stabilization of the cotton market, two mainstream price of cotton is 1.26 yuan / tons , the sources of goods less price has increased, the mainstream price of delivery for 7400-7500 yuan / ton.

January 14, 2009 yizheng Mar: Yizheng Chemical Fiber Market cotton integrated cash market price of the mainstream of 7100-7250 yuan, polyester chip market 6000-6200 yuan / ton. Southwest this week cotton textile market mainstream price 7400-7500 yuan / ton, Yizheng Youguang 7600 yuan / ton.