January 5 Analysis of China’s cotton market

Domestic spot: January 5, China’s cotton (11770, -35.00, -0.30%,) price index (CC Index328 level) to 10,995 yuan / ton, up 29 yuan; CC Index229 level for 11,538 yuan / ton, up 35 yuan; CC Index527 level for 9961 yuan / ton, up 4 yuan.

Bring together the market: January 5, MA0901 to close at 11,478 yuan, an average price of 11,416 yuan, up 12 yuan; MA0903 to close at 11,700 yuan, an average price of 11,695 yuan, down 9 yuan; MA0904 to close at 11,800 yuan, an average price of 11,813 yuan, down 34 yuan; MA0905 to close at 11,880 yuan, an average price of 11,891 yuan, down 12 yuan. Overall turnover of 6.4 thousand tons, representing a reduction of 520 tons previous day, with a total volume of orders for 55,460 tons, an increase of 200 tons.

Zheng Cotton Futures: January 5, Zheng cotton main contract CF905 opened higher in early trading under pressure in the short fall afternoon buying long period of time pushing up prices, trading in the open under the pressure plate down, the Japanese lines to form high-openedThe main contracts traded at a moderate amplification, to increase positions. C901 traded 686 contracts on hand, Japan206 hands, closed positions 4838 hands; CF905 turnover of 49,548 contracts on hand, on hand1692, 44,282 hand closed positions; CF907 traded 788 contracts on hand, Japan420 hand, closed hand positions 4324. Imports of cotton: January 4 due to ICE Futures no transactions, January 5 to replace imported cotton, the main port in China offer temporary change. According to industry analysis, since the end of December the international cotton price rose rapidly, the current began to increase pressure on callback, but the New Year at the beginning of the international market have great expectations for the global economy, global stock markets and oil prices generally rose, and this will effect prices to a certain supporting role.