Japan’s textile industry, the summit issued a New Year’s reflections have been

In accordance with established practice, from the heads of Japan’s textile industry have published a New Year speech. 2009 New Year’s speech, the majority of textile enterprises, heads pointed out that this year the trend of the world economy is uncertain, to prevent the enterprises are facing a very tough external environment, through structural adjustment needs to change. At the same time, appealed to the company should have a sense of crisis has also become a textile Summit beliefs in common speech.

Japan Textile Association Teiichi Kato pointed out that at present the world since 1929, faced with the enormous impact of economic crisis, the future of textiles price war is inevitable. Japan Wool Textile Association, Valley that extremely depressed wool market, the economic downturn will be a long time to affect business.

Inoue, general manager of Crystal KURABO Bo stressed that the textile enterprises in difficult conditions more challenging spirit. 2008 Annual KURABO medium and long-term planning is the last year had failed to realize the objectives, so Inoue said the company from top to bottom there is a need “fundamental change to start from scratch.” Nisshinbo company from April 2009 the introduction of branch system management, general manager of rock with a disability under the Creative consider the future of textile enterprises will be the phenomenon of polarization, outstanding businesses to achieve further growth, some firms may face the danger of being eliminated, so company-wide need to have a sense of crisis. Well Lee, general manager of NIKKE descending light, said the company in the new round of medium-term planning clearly realize high-quality growth, which requires all staff to timely grasp the dynamic industry, with analysis of treatment-related information. In addition, Unitika, Toyobo company also stressed that “if they can not take the initiative to change, enterprises will be difficult to realize from continuing operations.”