Jiangsu innovative enterprises to enhance innovation capacity to deal with the challenges of the Enlightenment

In the growing economy in the cold, a group of science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu with strong independent innovation capability against risk, seize the opportunity to win new development. They show that the practice, and enhance independent innovation capacity, changes in the way of economic development, is a guide enterprises to strengthen the confidence out of the plight of the most effective and fundamental way.

The survival of the fittest significant power of independent innovation

“It’s an economic crisis like Ebb Tide, the first to fall was the number of high pollution and high energy consumption and low-level redundant construction, overcapacity of the project, and with their own brand strength and innovation of businesses, showed a strong anti-risk capability And market competitiveness. “Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department Zhuke Jiang told reporters, the survival of the fittest market competition rules in this year’s economic situation is particularly prominent in.
January to October this year, Nanjing Security Electric Co., Ltd. NARI following the sales revenue of 2.5 billion yuan more than last year’s total sales. Shen Guo-rong, chairman of the company said NARI at home and abroad are still under pressure to achieve multiple rapid growth in the enterprise in order to benefit from the initiative, “Frequency Variation principle” at the core of development, have complete independent intellectual property rights of the series of relay protection technology, Its core product, “NARI NARI” brand-name products in China’s first electric power automation control equipment, from the world’s most cutting-edge products.
“We have to self-developed high-tech and quality products with the Siemens, ABB, GE, and other transnational giants try to destabilize him, to break the long-term monopoly of foreign companies, the initiative firmly in the hands of the market, but also increased the risk of anti-business.” Shen Guo-rong said, NARI in the face of cost pressures and shrinking market at home and abroad adverse situation, insist on technological innovation in order to reduce the efficiency of the sustained development of high-end products account for the Protection of the domestic market share of 45%, are successfully to Africa Southeast Asia market expansion. “We are the prospects for business development and China Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment Manufacturing confidence in the world.”
In Jiangsu, NARI security following the electric company is not the case. To a multi-faceted strategy to open up international markets Jincheng Group, many in the motorcycle manufacturing enterprises pressure on the dollar over the closing down of many go out of business, with its own brand export products, accounting for 97% of the advantages of price grasp the initiative, to achieve the export product 42% increase in performance.

Is well prepared to seize opportunities in on the trend

By the end of September this year, by virtue of self-developed high-end vehicles, automatic door track system technology, mechanical and electrical Coney Nanjing New Technology Co., Ltd. and the world’s largest manufacturer of rail vehicles, one of the French company Alstom signed a cooperation agreement, the co-operation Coney Alstom to make the track vehicle door access to the world market share of 50.
“Always look to have the opportunity to prepare. To plan ahead, poised to take off, so we are in a crisis not only has not been affected, but to win a greater opportunity for development.” Coney said Wen-Ping Liu, general manager, Coney was run by the Nanjing Institute of enterprises, is seen rail transit markets, schools play a professional advantage, in recent years, successfully developed the world’s most advanced vehicle control system MVB, become Siemens, the world’s second The owner of the technology business. Coney door track railway line is now in the gross domestic market, 40% of the urban rail market more than 50%.
Connie and the company is well prepared, like, look for an opportunity in the risk business, the economy is a severe winter in the beautiful scenery.
In the Jiangning development zone is located in Nanjing, the Nanjing high-speed gear manufacturing company, the reporter saw a busy scene. “We now have endless orders from the beginning has been so busy now, the products in short supply.” Wang, deputy general manager of the company are soldiers that the production of wind power generation equipment, gear box, mainly rely on domestic imports in the past. Nanjing high gear since 1998 to develop, “10-year Sword”, after last year’s production accounted for 70% of the domestic market. Export volume this year, sales of 20 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 3 times that of last year. “After 10 years of technical reserves, to adjust product structure, the creation of independent brands, we have finally grasped the New Energy and Industrial great development opportunities.”

To deal with challenges to speed up innovation is the key

Since August this year, subject to multiple pressures, the country’s steel market sales, prices fell sharply, a number of steel companies were forced to limit production, production. The same difficulties of Jiangyin Xingcheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., is an unprecedented effort for the development, production to meet market demand for a new type of alloy steel casting round billet, steel cord, in order to forge on behalf of large rolled bar, cost-effective anti-hydrogen sulfide Steel, bearing steel, and other specifications of the top-five new products. Among them, from Xingcheng first in the industry for new energy sources such as wind power equipment, alloy steel casting round billet on the market, attracted orders.
“Adhere to the development of new high-performance, in our industry with a deficit in October, still to achieve sales of 210,000 tons, 50,000,000 yuan of profits, the national steel industry to become the only profitable business for the month.” Xingcheng, general manager Zhang Wenji in this report A performance that will certainly be able to adhere to independent innovation through difficult times, Xingcheng will be built the world’s most competitive steel companies.
“The difficulties head on the stone is dead, the difficult step on the foot is a stepping stone.” In an interview with reporters, many of the entrepreneurs said that the deal with the current economic risks to overcome the difficulties and the most effective measure is to adhere to innovation and development. Jiangyin Xingcheng with the company, the pressure will become a driving force in the face of adversity to strengthen the self-adjustment of independent innovation of a sense of urgency.
In mid-October, with an annual output of the Group of Jiangsu Constant differentiated 200,000 tons of polyester filament industrial foundation projects. This 2,000,000,000 yuan of investment in key projects, the introduction of a full set of the world’s most advanced production technology and equipment, professional production of ultra-high strength, low shrinkage, strong wear-resistant industrial products, chemical fiber, and upon completion, will become the world’s largest production base of silk industry