Jiujiang City, the main industry, to create large industries

 Jiujiang City, the main industry, to create large industries and promoting industrial clusters feature of the strategy to achieve positive progress. October 21, 2008 Jiujiang Chemical Fiber Textile Industry Investment will be held during the period a total of 7 large projects signed with a total amount of 39 million, Jiujiang City of the province as one of the five major industrial clusters of heavy industrial cluster effect will be further Highlights. Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of Jiujiang City Party Committee Secretary Chen Chung attended the signing ceremony of the project; before the signing ceremony, the Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of Jiujiang, Mayor Wang Ping met with business people attending the meeting. Province, deputy director of the Office of Shen Yun Xuan, Zhang Yuan-show city leaders, Cheng Lai’an, Jin Hua, Chen Min, Li Wei, and other items were also present at the signing ceremony.

Jiangxi Jiujiang Chemical Fiber Textile industry attracted a total investment will be 80 to attend the fair. Jiujiang Chemical Fiber Textile industry base province had been formally approved by National Development and Reform Commission, according to Jiang base lake, located in the Lushan District Town Regardless, the city of Jiujiang is to promote the industries gathered for the development of chemical fiber and textile industries on the lower reaches of the planning and construction Industrial platform. The total base of 20 square km area of planning, a planning area of 12 square kilometers, which covers an area of 500 acres supporting the building of the printing and dyeing, and a special focus area for Al-concentration of the sewage effluent treatment plant. Base to build “the country’s main viscose fiber production base in the central region to cultivate terminal chemical fiber textile manufacturing center” in the development of the main viscose fiber, textile and chemical fiber, the three non-woven industry and related service industries, “11th Five-Year Plan” At the end of the planning capacity of viscose fiber production with an annual output of 500,000 tons, 1,500,000 Zhan spinning, weaving 100,000,000 meters and 80,000,000 meters of printing and dyeing cloth, clothing 4,000,000. At present, the base circuit of water and other infrastructure projects have been spread out across the board, and successfully settled Sateri fiber, the Golden Resources Development International Limited (Hang Seng) to engage in chemical fiber 2 viscose fiber production enterprises, with an annual output of 120,000 tons of viscose. It was set up to the stronger, bigger, better to do, so long Jiujiang City, the development of chemical fiber and textile and downstream industries and promote industrial clusters Jiujiang characteristics strategy will play a significant role.

According to the analysis, development of the Lushan Mountain area of comparative advantage chemical fiber textile industry significantly, one from human resources and wage costs, the city of Jiujiang, existing workers in the textile industry nearly 4 million people, equivalent to the salary level of only 70-80% of the coastal areas. Second, electricity from the resources and the cost of electricity, the base has been built the 110 kilovolt substation ZHOU Ling, ample power. The third is from the transport conditions and transport costs, the base of roads, railways, water transportation is extremely convenient. Fourth, from the raw materials supply resources, the city of Jiujiang has an annual production more than 60,000 tons of high-quality cotton. Set up base in the enterprise Sateri (Jiangxi) Chemical Fiber and Golden Resources Development International Limited (Hang Seng) of the National viscose fiber is an important staple fiber manufacturers. Fifth, from the development point of view, Jiujiang Chemical Fiber Textile Industry Base on the development of chemical fiber and textile industries dominated the park by Lushan District autonomy “run closure.”

China Merchants After the meeting, held at the project signing ceremony, a total of 7 signed the success of the project, the total contracted amount of 3.9 billion, are: by market Shenzhen Venture Capital Life Investment Management Co., Ltd., Lushan in the Newport area along the river with an annual output of 60 industrial bases -100 Million dwt of ship works projects; by the Prudential Investment Holdings Limited, the Lushan Mountain area in the sea town of reference will be Europe’s eco-town architectural style and building a high-grade ecological livable small and large recreational sports park project; by the Hong Kong’s Hang Fung Holdings Limited 1,000,000,000 yuan of investment in the Lushan Mountain area along the Yangtze River in Newport industrial base with an annual output of 1,000 tons of high purity silicon, silicon and 2,000 tons of high purity quartz sand production line project; by the city in conjunction Sheng Industrial Group Limited investment in the Lushan Mountain area streets ten large-scale construction projects business center; by the Zhejiang Ningbo Veken Group to invest in Jiujiang Chemical Fiber Industry Base new advanced production line of printing and dyeing projects; Xinhua issued by the Jiangsu Investment Group Co., Ltd., in the Lushan Mountain area of the new town construction chemicals Integrated storage and transportation projects; by the Hong Kong Textile Group Co., Ltd. to invest the Yangtze River, Lushan Mountain in the district tournament Town tea production line construction project.