Keqiao Textile Fair on the first day of a record high closing of textile boss

A few days ago, in Shaoxing, Zhejiang “Keqiao China International Textile Fair” at the opening ceremony, a sudden rain to the already sent a number of very cold Shaoxing local business owners feel all the more ominous the harbinger. However, as the Expo drew to an end yesterday, they finally relaxed frame of mind of many. Although not yet received the Expo, the total turnover on the first day of the Expo 1,460,000,000 yuan has traded the previous record high. “It seems Shaoxing textile did not detract from the charm!” Textile Fair Organizing Committee disclosed that the General Assembly to participate in the supplier of 89 overseas buyers and more than 40, more than the previous two, only to carry out the first day of Professional buyers reached more than 10,000.

In “China’s first textile city” of the county of Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province Keqiao, a first domestic title be allowed to “China” professional market – China Light & Textile Industrial City, enough to see it in the local textile industry National. But in the past more than 20 days, the textile enterprises in Shaoxing have been the shadow – the most influential local companies on the verge of bankruptcy into Sanxin Union, China’s largest printing and dyeing business group jianglong Holdings also deserted. This is about to end in October has been known as the local people “on Keqiao crisis.”

However, the local media’s words, just the end of this session “Keqiao China International Textile Fair” was finally let in the bitter cold of textile enterprises in Shaoxing is the “warmth fishes.” According to the organizing committee of this year from the United States and procurement orders for a lot less than in the past, but from other parts of the total number of buyers is still increasing, overseas orders have increased overall. Shaoxing, a local textile mill of the exhibitors said that he did before the show in the Niele Yi Khan, “If participation fees paid in advance on the withdrawal may be true,” he said this section of the textile enterprises in Shaoxing is a very experienced More waves. But he said now finally breathe a sigh of relief: Although the United States has less orders, but he received orders from Canada more. He said frankly that this Expo actual Daorang his own guilty conscience, some of Shaoxing textile bosses to restore some confidence.

All over the entire town in a festive, street-side of the street lamp poles spinning flags Fair continuous, and the textile trade in front of the city’s roads still blocked by a cargo vehicle packed the streets from time to time can be seen walking hurriedly Europe and the United States before, Africa, Arab faces.

For this crisis, Keqiao Development Zone, an official in an interview with reporters It would appear that the local textile industry could be “a blessing in disguise”, “We just had to do in the textile industry the most tired, most of the links do not make money, The crisis has given us all a lesson in business and government – the future direction of enterprise development is what led to what is the trend, are worthy of our careful consideration. “Learned yesterday, spinning in the Fair held during the two” State prefix “China Textile Information Center and the National Textile product development center will be established jointly in the establishment of Keqiao largest, most of the entire Chinese textile industry association sent a body in the hope of speeding up the process of Shaoxing textile creative industries, so that the Shaoxing Textile Published trends have the right to speak.