Knowledge of antique chinese rugs and antique chinese rugs collection of artistic value

Antique chinese rugs resulting from a distance of 2,200 years ago today, the late Ming and early Qing (17, 18th century) the chinese rugs has been tremendous development in China, production reached unprecedented levels, to the end of the 19th century, hand-knotted pile chinese rugs in China reached its heyday. After the end of the 19th century, as the industrial machinery and raw materials into China, chinese rugs making great changes have taken place in China, began to lose the original style, only 100 years ago production of chinese rugs can be referred to as China antique chinese rugs, future products are known as old chinese rugs. Antique chinese rugs most originating in the minority regions in Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, and Beijing. Because there is no machine in the past, all chinese rugs are hand-made. Past without industrial pollution of the natural environment, fresh air, the Prairie fertile, so quality of wool production in these areas much better than modern. Use of various plants of the natural environment, natural plant dyeing substances of mineral extraction, the luster bright, bright, never faded. Carpet patterns reflect the national characteristics of each according to the origin. About 40-200 years now to discover and find. Compared with modern chinese rugs, as they are not mass produced, so each chinese rugs color, pattern, size is not the same. Numbers in decline every year, it also has a collection value and use value. China antique chinese rugs from the process and style distinct. from the origin as a temple for use on chinese rugs and blanket of Ningxia in the Palace antique chinese rugs is the best of China antique chinese rugs, chinese rugs produced in other regions for civil use. Primarily as antique chinese rugs collection concerns by collectors. Antique rug work fine, colorful, dyeing and working without any non-natural ingredients, is entirely natural raw materials and traditional skills of hand, has the extremely high collection value, is the modern chinese rugs cannot match. From pure natural wool, hand-spinning and pure extracts of plants, ore raw material, it is sufficient to show value to the collection of antique chinese rugs, also determines the appreciation of the enormous space of antique chinese rugs. Natural wool. More ancient chinese rugs weaving is pure wool, due to the cold in winter, pollution of the environment there is no industry, sheep to run on the vast grasslands, eating is grass, is not to drink contaminated water, strong of the sheep, the gross mass is very warm and soft and flexible. Modern sheep feeding is the result of improved future food, primarily to increase the speed of growth of the sheep as possible, to get more cashmere, Barret, goat and mutton. After remaining after extraction of cashmere wool, after chemical washing process, and then at different quality grades are divided into weaving Wool Sweater made with wool and chinese rugs (chinese rugs wool quality in woven of wool sweater). Used in the past people were directly cut wool from the sheep, without any filtering direct spinning, weaving chinese rugs. So now chinese rugs wool quality cannot be compared with antique chinese rugs wool quality. In some areas, also with some other stock. Such as yak wool, cattle hair and camel’s hair, and so on. But the stock was taken from animals, are 100% purity. Hand spinning. More than 130 years ago, there is no machine spinning, was developed during the rural handicraft industry in China. Crafts people create their own simple tool for spinning cotton wool. Although there is no shortcut when the machine production in cotton wool, nor machine production of cotton wool by the rules, but there are machines an irreplaceable function. They can be the machine cannot be part of the cashmere spinning of fine short spun into thread, not only durable, strong and ductile, but also beautiful. Dyeing. Ancient chinese rugs dyeing rely on natural dyeing. Color of the dyed wool relies mainly on plants, small part is extracted from the minerals, and these parts plant dyeing dyes are expensive Chinese herbal medicine materials, dyeing and color purity of bright, color and soft, no dazzling light color. And with the most benefit is not to hurt the hair quality, can be said to be durable, with the more beautiful. Showing a softer beauty color more special flavors. Carpets, also known as soft gold, is of great value to the collection of Arts and crafts. But collection chinese rugs is a difficult thing, to have certain expertise and category science, to identify what is good chinese rugs. Domain. Different geographical difference determines the Condition and texture of the chinese rugs. And hetian of Xinjiang chinese rugs, hair soft, oily, good elastic, and zhangbei area chinese rugs wool quality is inferior, gross mass, sixing, high hardness. Persian chinese rugs wool and silk as raw materials selection, hand-woven, strict structure, strong and very solid, elastic, breathable and good, texture and exquisite, clear, work stress. Pattern. Pattern of the chinese rugs is very particular about, a variety of traditional patterns and natural landscape, such as flowers, birds, happiness, life, Dragon, Pine Crane represents longevity, peonies symbolize wealth full. Most is reference in the ancient porcelain, furniture and architectural style, absorbing, mutual borrowing and a unique style. On our pure wool chinese rugs by hand from the pattern of “patterns of Tibet”, “pattern of Xinjiang”, “Beijing color patterns” and other styles, its flowers, scenes like the relief of the chinese rugs surface, chinese rugs surface luminous, bright color, condensing the essence of ancient Chinese culture. Foreign “pattern of Persia” and “Turkey pattern”, “Mongolia tricks”, with its patterns and “art”, “color fancy” in one elegant, exaggerated, and romantic. Origin. Recognition chinese rugs of origin focus from color Shang be confirmed, as Tibet chinese rugs of color comparison bright, very with national characteristics, but used of is together weft woven, more rough; Xinjiang chinese rugs because soil and water relationship, line of dyeing good, with three road weft woven, comparison close; Beijing chinese rugs is of antique beauty, two weft woven, blue color mostly; Mongolia chinese rugs pattern vivid, vivid has efforts; Turkey chinese rugs color gorgeous, long does not faded, effect strong, each paragraph strange. Stock. Most clocks, and valuable to the number of yak tail hair cut silk chinese rugs weaving, fine, wearable, weaving together following the latitude constantly, this type of chinese rugs is a chinese rugs family products, feel smooth, foot up and have a sense of rebound, almost feel a little rough friction. Followed by Ruqiu sheep wool woven chinese rugs, its high content of natural, good sense of color, flexible, foot, soft feeling of touch chinese rugs surface, cool in summer and warm in winter, durable. Hardly collectors are according to materials of the chinese rugs or chinese rugs production, developing his collection or a chinese rugs of standard, but these areas are favorite chinese rugsIndispensable. Good materials such as pure wool rug, good production such as hand-woven, good designs, such as great design is a necessary condition for the best chinese rugs, is also a collection of the most precious in the eyes of collectors, its artistic value is beyond limits. China antique chinese rugs has to use strict, with antique rugs in Ningxia as an example, Ningxia rugs during the late Ming and early Qing dynasty Kings and nobles to order gifts and household articles, is also a tribute to the Imperial Court of local governments preferred the tribute, divided into temple with blanket and the tribute of two classes. Temple with blanket include: streamers chinese rugs, tapestry, Zen blanket. Each chinese rugs use has strict rules. As a tribute of Ningxia rugs in colors, patterned on the use of hierarchical, such as patterns of the Dragon is suitable to Royal families. The chinese rugs pattern as a gift to Cheung Shui auspicious patterns such as grass, dark Sin spent mainly expressing good wishes of the people in Italy. From the layout terms, used in Feng Shui, architecture, patterns of “rules” is the most representative styles of China antique chinese rugs, among his composition on embracing, symmetry and Coordination Center layout, there are “Kui, angle, edge” part. China antique chinese rugs pattern is extremely rich, Bo Gu line, eight auspicious, hybrid, and dark fringes, four gentlemen, crane deer with spring, Fu Lu Shou auspicious patterns, Kirin also sending child, SIN Chung shou, snow and other allusions to folklore, traditional Chinese cultural pattern in the chinese rugs was on full display. China antique chinese rugs apart from use value, value but also of the chinese rugs on the appreciation of art, this is mainly because the pattern of the chinese rugs pattern and regional style with features. The most common design patterns are: Dragon, Phoenix and need “Bo Gu” grain. Especially the Qin, chess, books, art, design and made up of plum blossom, Orchid, bamboo and Chrysanthemum “four gentlemen patterns”, very popular, it symbolizes the people of noble sentiments. Carpet produced by its various ethnic groups, different styles and types, making chinese rugs with unique geographical charm: Xinjiang chinese rugs with a religious spirit; Ningxia rugs noble atmosphere, precision workmanship sth Types of chinese rugs can be broken down by region: Tibet’s Long Hetu, corridor chinese rugs; blanket in Yulin of Shaanxi Beijing pavilions; life picture of Inner Mongolia; Ningxia Dragon holding column of baotou camel basket, cloud base ball flower. You can say, antiquated pattern of the chinese rugs pattern reflects the charm of ancient Chinese culture. Antique chinese rugs are luxurious luxury consumer goods, antique chinese rugs dyeing of more because of their high quality and unique process, witnessed its collection and use value. In some higher-income consumers, many of them to upscale decorations of antique chinese rugs as a modern home. Many famous museums in the world, academic institutions are China antique chinese rugs collections, and special studies. In the famous international auction, China antique chinese rugs, frequently, and were sought after by many buyers. Due to the demise of China antique chinese rugs production of raw materials and technology and the world on a limited number, whose value is still rising.