Knowledge of home carpet

The carpet maintenance: 1. Day-to-day maintenance: 1) access to clean mats placed at the entrance to the room, when the cleaning pad when the Office of the dirty carpet replacement and cleaning. 2) The dark, to avoid a strong network of direct sunlight carpet, the carpet so as not to fade aging. 3) anti-fouling, the shall not be used in the process of oil-contaminated office carpet, such as acid, such as pollution took place immediately with high-quality carpet cleaning paste erased. 4) to dust, the carpet surface of the carpet fiber plant, easy to accumulate dust with a vacuum cleaner should be kept along the direction of Mao-shun clean. 5) to prevent hair down; such as the emergence of carpet hair down, with a clean wet towel and hot water to clean the carpet box, comb and combed straight, ironed hair iron shun wet cloth pad, restore the status quo. 6) Anti-pressure focus, in use in furniture, carpet company in the leg contact with the carpet, should be placed or cushion for the regular furniture shifting. 7) there is room carpet should pay attention to ventilation, moisture, so as to avoid occurrence of moth-eaten carpets, and mildew. 8) regularly frequent red carpet cleaning air-conditioning and heating system filters. 9) the use of carpet for some time, there will be dirty carpet surface, the color of the carpet at home has become dark, so that the carpet in order to update unabated, could Methods: thin end of the salt spread on the carpet, washing with a broom to clean the wet fine So even salt, and after 10 minutes with a vacuum cleaner to remove salt at the end of household carpet dust and carpet can be clean sheen and was. 2. Special maintenance: (mold moth) 1) of the chemical fiber carpet moth mold: the so-called chemical fiber carpet is nylon, polypropylene, acrylic carpet, and other materials. And so on the borer microorganisms living environment of the hotel need to have a carpet of protein composition, and chemical fiber products is unable to provide protein, the carpet will be no such situation mildew borer. Basically do not have any professional maintenance, carpets need only a week with a vacuum cleaner designed to clean. Chemical fiber carpets can be washed, if not the living room carpet area Kuaitan, you can take a bath when his foot on with you, “showers”, you clean it up clean. 2) the pure wool carpet moth mold: In general, the carpet in the middle part of nylon carpet is not easy Health insects, and 0.3-1 meters around the corner and the site of PVC carpet easy Health worm, as it has often been the site does not step on pressure With auto carpet on the ground in contact with a certain space, there is dust and air, carpet so that the insects to survive. However, cross-pump, pull the carpet to pay all of the site carpet in Shanghai may Health insects. This is a result of this carpet behind the line of latitude on the design of the gap between the carpet and touch the ground beyond the carpet into the air because of the market. In addition, the wood shop in the carpet on the floor of the shop than in the cement, tile, terrazzo floor carpet carpet hand it easier for insects Health. The reason is the wooden floor moisture easily, so as to provide insect growth. Pressure furniture in the following parts of the carpet is prone parts of the insect. Pure wool carpets of mold plastic carpet moth specific methods are as follows: ① keep the rug clean and dry. The use of carpet carpet one year after the network should be moved outdoors, to knock the dust, a dry air, but do not expose to the sun, should not be placed under direct sunlight, or carpet sales will fade. Carpet shop and then re-used, the surface should be cleaned up. ② required on a regular basis to the wool carpet cleaning shop for professional cleaning, or who come ③ carpet cleaning shop with two or three years after the use of silk carpet cleaning chemicals. ④ cleaned the carpet, such as to continue to use the shop should wipe the floor Zaipu. ⑤ wood floor wax to play the best carpet factory, had lied on the floor two or three days after the further layer of the health sphere, and then a carpet shop. ⑥ carpet store, to put carpet pest control agent, but the pest control agent is not the best carpets ⑦ to come into contact with itself, to prevent corrosion. Guo Jin and then tied the carpet on the sale of good ventilation Department. The best placed to half a meter from the ground one meter high. Tie a small person in particular: the launch of Europe’s pure wool carpets Link family of products, most of them after the special treatment. Its pure wool carpets with the carpet company, in the process of yarn production links, after the production of carbide at the scene to deal with fat, comprehensive and effective to eliminate the breeding ground for microorganisms hotel category moth-eaten carpet the possibility of reaching an absolute anti-mold Borers performance. And achieved international recognition. ECO is a hand-European research and development of a carpet cleaning carpet Kang Wu processing technology trial in the category of chemical fiber carpets woven carpets. Carpet of pollution, there are two possible, first, dust, sand box, and other solid dirt carpet, the other is to contain solid or liquid the color of PVC carpet dirt, such as wine, spices, fruit juice, ink, and so on. The headache most of the plastic carpet is the kind of colored liquid pollution. ECO and the red carpet characterized by such a solution to the problem. Coffee, red wine category, is for weak auto carpet dyes, ECO has not been dealt with the carpet in the weak acid dye hand-woven wall-hanging pollution, will be re-staining, have a ‘wall of Shouxiu indelible stain’ . After dealing with ECO, is to use special items filled with chemical carpet wool carpet yarn roots and change its stained carpet store bodies, so that the carpet yarn color stereotypes and can not be home again staining the carpet. This is not to reach the coffee drinks category colored dye contaminated carpet market. After dealing with ECO, nylon carpet with a carpet of super-Kang Wu capacity, it is a carpet in the history of the revolution!