Knowledge of textile products on chinese rugs

In a large number of home textile products, if the season features the most obvious is what? So, the answer is obviously the chinese rugs. Some people say that chinese rugs is the room of the winter gloves, this is some truth. In winter, whether in the living room Middle berth a thick chinese rugs, mat a small blanket in or in the bedroom, that warm feeling, than any other kind of home textile products are coming directly. Carpet generally divided into several types. Here does not refer to a formal classification, in the General domestic use only. After many people walked, is placed a small chinese rugs near the entrance hall. Living room chinese rugs pattern in most species most abundant. Bedroom chinese rugs, mostly in warm tones. In addition, some aisle, corridor or chinese rugs, chinese rugs have different concepts in different places, in addition to hue, was able to clearly distinguish the indoor space.