Knowledge of viscose fiber and washing method

Man-made fibres of viscose fiber (rayon, artificial cotton wool, synthetic and chemical fiber dress material and so on). Best in moisture absorption of viscose fabric in chemical fiber, its wearing comfort and dyeing of synthetic fiber fabric well. Soft, bright color, better than other chemical fiber fabrics. Particularly light rayon woven into pure yarn and woven silk, Brocade and material advantages. Its characteristics are glossy, soft light, comfortable, large shrinkage, poor abrasion resistance, ease of raising and resistance to sunlight is not good. Accordingly, at the time of washing and maintenance should be done: 1. in response to its shrinkage is big, wet strength is low, wash to wash with, and not soaked for a long time. Viscose fabric with water is hard, washing gently washed to avoid raising or RIP. Use neutral detergents or low alkaline detergents. Washing liquid temperature should not exceed 45 degrees centigrade. After wash, fold up the clothes, squeezing out the water, avoid twisting. Avoid exposure after washing, in a cool or air drying. When purchasing a fabric, than conventional cotton requires a long 10%, before the crop should be shrunk. 2. to smaller when sewing needles, pins are not too dense. 3. should frequently change to prevent deformation of long wear. Washing gently rubbing light wash, avoid sharp, not with a brush, so as to avoid raising. Squeeze a crowded water after wash, do not force twisting to prevent folds; should dip with washing, wring dry at any time. If a long time, implications on its strength because of their resistance to sunlight well, exposure can make it fade, decline in strength, it should be dry in the shade at the ventilation, dry also reduces clothes wrinkle mark with water. 4. the iron when it is best to take advantage of its semi-dry, temperature not exceeding 100 ¡ã c. If dry, can be ironing clothes above the pad a damp cloth, iron, spray some water can be. Iron less hard when you push and pull, making clothing natural stretch on; to sustained hot light ironing. 5. due to the poor abrasion resistance, easy raising deformation, so wear available to less wear and less pull, to extend its life. 6. due to moisture, mold, therefore must wash and dry before collection, and then into the box, with Cabinet.