Lanashield: wool chinese rugs stain resistant finishing technology

Indoor fabrics with consumers increasingly high demands of the pollution prevention. Wool is not like nylon, which itself has the function of soil-to a certain extent, this is because the wool surface of the water so that wool is not easy to moisture, so there are good anti-fouling performance. Although born in anti-fouling function, wool does not stain as soon as the nylon, but once it gets wet, wool chinese rugs stain resistance performance is reduced, therefore, stains on wool is not a big problem, but for light-colored chinese rugs or interior decoration is an open question. Canada TrichromaticCarpet and CanesisNetwork companies jointly developed the Lanashield, on behalf of wool chinese rugs a major technological breakthrough in the field of pollution prevention. Lanashield finishing is a high-performance, long dirt resistance of approach. Most pollution-proof finishing of wool and nylon chinese rugs are antifouling agents, many nylon antifouling agent for wool treatment effect is not obvious. This agent is made up of sulfonate compounds, is easy to turn yellow in the Sun, nylon, this works well, however, because the location has many colors on wool structures, antifouling agent usage therefore require more, but more easily lead to color changes , so that the fastness to light, is a problem. And antifouling agents on antifouling ability of shampoo is not strong, wet fastness is also not very good. In theory, nylon anti-fouling technology can be applied to pollution-proof finishing of wool, but the extensive research required to have a special wool antifouling agent. Born Lanashield, it not only to effective anti-fouling, and in the Sun does not turn yellow. Application of lanashield after a series of tests, application lanashield is simple and effective method of promotion. This simple and efficient way to overcome the complexities of early anti-fouling treatment, its anti-fouling function mainly focused on the fiber surface, State of the dyeing and finishing of this ring is similar.In lanashield applications, this pattern is assumed with the colorless dye similar to achieve this status, pH value must be very small, temperature must be low, and shorter time, relatively low bath ratio in the processing. Lanashield can also be applied on the loose fibre and yarn, before application to first loose fibre and yarns in the pH value is 3~4, under conditions of temperature at 60 ¡æ ¡æ dyeing 15~30min. On the application of loose fibre, to undergo heat treatment, wet processing, which can reduce the surface set. If the distributions are more concentrated, with a range of Super spray “Topup” to finish your chinese rugs. Many wool antifouling agent is expensive, because it’s higher than that of nylon antifouling agent application conditions. Lanashield fiber weight is the most suitable conditions for the use of 10%~13%. Lanashiel appropriate for continuous use, including foam and spray. In General, the continuous application requires less anti-fouling agent, just fiber 3%~5%, this method more cost effective. Yiqian, although some of the anti-fouling treatment methods are easy to reach standards, but their coffee, red wine stain resistance forces are weak, lanashield not only by the coloring tests, IWS/WNZ24, and AATCC24 hour 30 minute coloring tests, it also provides a wide range of anti-pollution measures. Lanashield finishing costs low, does not contain Fluorine Chemicals harmful to the environment. Fluorine-containing finishing are usually used in antifouling finishing of nylon chinese rugs, can effectively resist the greasy dirt, but wear fastness is not strong, and also increases the processing cost. Wool interior finishing Lanashield is considered to be the most effective method, this method also applies to the finishing of nylon chinese rugs and have achieved very good results. Lanashield is the major breakthroughs in wool rugs and wool blended chinese rugs finishing.