Large chemical fiber, chemical fiber, low in fiber

Large chemical fiber: CHEMICALFIBER PET slice spinning or melt direct spinning of short fibers, characteristics, good color, batch number, strength and stability, small defects, good spinning. Small chemical fiber: SMALLCHEMICALFIBER PET back to material spun, price and quality parameters do not align, suited, and exports to some markets and areas for quality requirements are not too high (such as fill material, and so on) the same point: “fiber”, “fiber” and “small fiber” first of all, this is a popular saying in the market, not necessarily an accurate definition. All three are for polyester staple fiber (polyester staple fiber), other types of chemical fiber products temporarily are not included. Difference is: simple say: “fiber” General larger slices of direct production of chemical fiber enterprises with better quality fiber, advanced technical comparison, imports of equipment for product quality index is ideal, and stability, spinnability is relatively high. Instead mixed with many small fiber on the market today in production using recycled raw materials such as Coke bottles to make slices, while technology is relatively backward, equipment, mostly domestic, fiber quality significantly affected, but of much lower cost than large chemical fiber, some poor quality of yarns can be mixed with some small chemical fiber. 1. “large chemical fiber” products are used relatively sophisticated import and domestic production equipment, using indirect methods of melt direct spinning polyester or polyester chip polyester staple fiber spinning and spinning out. Because of “fiber” product use are basically qualified level of raw materials, thus their regular product quality indicators are excellent. “Chemical” is the leading cotton textile industry raw material for polyester staple fiber. “Chemical” production equipment are eating “small grain” device. 2. “chemical” and “small fiber” product production equipment used in the vast majority are made in small production of chemical fiber machinery factory. This type of equipment is also on the quality both in scale and “chemical” production facilities are used by a greater distance, so the use of such devices produced products and “chemical” with notable differences in the quality of produced products. Because of this, “fiber” and “small fiber” and collection of devices generally use substandard polyester treated polyester bottle, bubbles as a raw material for polyester staple fiber. “Chemical” and “small fiber” production equipment are eating “whole grains” device. 3. the “fiber” and “small fiber” use of equipment is basically the same. Their main difference is that the “chemical” general use regular polyester chips production plant of substandard products and very good handling of imported pet bottles. “Small fiber” the raw material used is essentially the General recovery of pet bottles, polyester, polyester foam material recovery of waste and waste. Because production device investment of differences, and raw materials price aspects of differences and products quality aspects of differences, from currently of price see, general situation Xia, “large chemical fiber” polyester short fiber products and “in the chemical fiber” polyester short fiber products difference 2000 Yuan/tons around, “in the chemical fiber” polyester short fiber products and “small chemical fiber” polyester short fiber products difference 1000 Yuan/tons upper and lower. Product use “chemical” product application wide. “Chemical” in some applications of the products can replace “chemical” products, to provide larger margins for downstream products. “Small fiber” products are generally used in the field of staple fiber quality requirements are not high, produce relatively low grade products (more than 30s of coarse yarns, spray bonded wadding and padding materials). “Chemical” and “small fiber” polyester staple fiber products due to the relatively small investment, raw materials prices are relatively low, and in some areas of application can override “fiber” product, so they have larger profit margins, product manufacturers in the lower reaches of the popular welcome.