Leather logo

Leather logo are certification marks registered in SAIC, where PEI hanging leather product leather logo has three characteristics: 1 the product is made with high quality leather; 2, the product is the high-end products work well; 3 consumer purchasing service hanging leather product leather logo can enjoy good after-sales service. Are not made with leather products cannot carry hanging leather logo, Pei hanging leather logo, subject to strict review of China leather industry association, approved, before they can service hangs. China leather industry association every year to quality testing to ensure product quality. Leather logo is a registered trademark of consists of a whole lamb, art consisting of a pair of horns, a piece of skin deformation pattern. Overall pattern round the drum-shaped, patterned central GLP three letters, initials are leather products, pattern the main color is white and black, only three letters in red. Pattern meaning: cattle, sheep, pigs are the three main types of natural leather products leather material, pattern round the drum-shaped, symbolizes the main equipment of the leather industry on the one hand drum, on the other hand symbolizes the rolling development of leather industry.