Libya “Carpet” fog coming days

If you ask what the object can be reminiscent of the Arab nation? I am afraid many people would choose the “Thousand and One Nights” in the Carpet. Unfortunately the myth to the myth, Carpet has been racing only in the imagination of the world. Early visit to Libya did not expect, but I was absolutely sure Zhenzhen “Carpet” shocked!
“Carpet” fog coming days

Just the other day is the main Ma Day (Muslim weekend), the early morning wake up and found that the fog outside the window, albeit not very clearly a colorful colors, a careful look at it was hanging in the air Carpet! Inter-trance I went back to the fantasy world, what Alibaba, Aladdin Magic Lamp Chung followed out. Unfortunately, the dream did not how long, thick fog quickly faded, before gradually building to show, only to find the so-called locals Drying Carpet is carpet in the balcony only. Because the reasons for the fog, a khaki-colored buildings have hidden things in the line of sight, but this carpet colors, look like floating in mid-air general of Carpet.

This scenario reminds me of domestic residential buildings, every household have finished drying clothes in the window. In Libya, the clothes into the carpet, the streets is like hanging a , let me this stranger seemed very fresh. Clothes more understandable, but the family there are so many carpet shops have gone wrong?

Each have about carpet

Visited the home of several Arab friends to know that the carpet can also shop so “In the Mood for renovation.” Remove kitchen, balcony, almost all rooms have carpeting, two species of the same, just different styles: the living room and staircase to Shop dark blanket, bedroom to Shop , study table oval next to the Sheep Shop blankets, the former would also like to shop rectangular stripes blanket. Even the toilet and bathroom, but also the exclusive use of plastic covered with blankets, Toilet also placed a small piece of the former blankets! This is not hanging in the living room wall for decorative tapestries and pray 5 times a day of worship blanket! In particular, mentioning that the various celebrations held at the time of blankets, the Arabs used to organize the rental of a tent show, this time put a big rug on the use. Not only to cover the entire tent carpet, tents outside to pave a long Yingbin blanket. Only in this way can the performance of the status of hosts and guests to respect! I do not know at the time of Oscar’s red carpet awards ceremony, is not affected by the impact.
The laying of the carpet so much, no wonder the Libyan people at home are placed in front of piles of shoes, take off their shoes before you enter, it is the most basic local etiquette. And they wear slippers summer regardless of the reason, except for mild climate, and the carpet should also play a role not a small bar.

The different types of carpet, the price also varies. For example, desk-sized wool blankets, can fetch 500 dinars (1 dinar is equivalent to 5 yuan), while the laying of a room in the man-made fiber carpet, and sometimes require more than just a few dinars. Today, the Arab market has complementarity, in addition to the stores, there are other European manufacture, and so on in China. This is one of the most superior to the number of Iran, Spain, carpet, carpet Arab countries should be guided by Egypt, Syria, the region is best known, probably because these two countries because of the cotton-rich.

Carpet is the Arabs as early as the “furniture”

After all, unlike clothes, carpet cleaning convenience, it is the house “filth”, are so specialized cleaning carpet store in Libya came into being on the. These shops run by Tunisians, every Friday Tunisian women have taken on the business of door-to-door knocking, it is said is also very popular. Of course, in addition to hire cleaning, save points can also be do-it-yourself home. Fortunately, most of Arab women at home full-time housewives, career women, if replaced, we were tossing off a carpet.

Arabs of why it is so popular on the carpet, there are diverse views, the answer is mixed. From a practical perspective, carpet barrier chill and convenient activities, is essential supplies of Muslim worship. But I think that also depends on the reasons for greater Arab nomadic tradition. Furniture Arabic word itself is “way” means. Arab countries carpet shops, in fact, is our furniture shop, we can see the embryonic form of the Arab furniture, probably also associated with a carpet. Another Arabic word in the table is a variant of mats. Arabs move earlier, just a roll mat, things are taken away, very suitable live-by-water life. Today, the carpet has become a symbol of Arab nationalism. In the Doha Asian Games in 2006, the Arabs is to pull down a giant Carpet the closing ceremony of the curtain.