Luxury and environmentally friendly home textiles handmade carpet High customization

Department enticing dozens of color harmony


Also remember “Thousand and One Nights” in the Arab Carpet it? That was our childhood dream of flying the best props, although that is no more than a fairy tale, but the carpet has long been visible in the people’s life has been. However, modern man, the machine-woven carpets are not rare, and only has a long history, full-Han culture manual carpet can we truly want to provoke people’s collections.


Speaking of handmade carpets, people will naturally think of the Arab, Persian and other countries. In fact, as early as the Western Han Dynasty more than 1800 years ago, handmade carpets on with the introduction of Buddhism into China has been. Years to the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, the manual has become the palace carpet pet, only aristocrats can enjoy. Even today, handmade rugs are still a luxury, variety, style and more abundant. In addition to the Beijing-style traditional designs, the large flowers flower pattern Jane European-style handmade blanket robust in much of today, it seems that more people favor.


And machine-woven carpets as compared to the characteristics of the largest handmade carpet is hand-made of pure, rich color; material to pure wool and silk-based, non-Health mites, more environmentally friendly. Turning now to technology, it can be complicated to go through before and after the graphic design, color, yarn, on the classics, hand-knotted, flat blanket, sheet blankets, blanket wash, cut vote was repaired more than a dozen such procedures. Only if we can be dozens of colors blend together in harmony to make the blanket more closely refined surface, life was extended to several decades or even centuries.


So cumbersome process also destined to the production of a time-consuming and laborious manual blankets, size small will take at least two to three months to wait for a large size in 2012, if it is custom, the time on longer.


Although such a “troublesome”, but it seems difficult to resist the special charm of handmade carpets. Artificial woven by a reflection of the cultural heritage is woven carpet can not be comparable to, you can even feel that the producers of the mood and emotion. Fine goods when found, using creativity and wool, silk weaving arts interpreting this as a “soft line flower virtual” state of mind of the scene is so meaningful.


Apart from the artistic value, then the first “romantic thing” seems to give people love handmade carpet psychological answer – ” sitting on the carpet and listening to music … … and the desire to talk with you slowly grow old . “sat at the same time both warm, silencers, comfort and environmental protection practical value of handmade carpet, experience a feeling of happiness is called. This happiness can often be extended to the home of every corner of the living room sofa before the entrance door, the bedroom bedside, French window Shores, blank wall can become … … handmade carpet habitats. Warm, soft, casual, natural.