Maintenance considerations for wool, silk, chemical fiber rug

Wool rug: 1, require periodic drying ¨C attention is “cured”, and not in direct sunlight, otherwise it will fade. 2, needs regular cleaning to a professional cleaning stores. 3, wool to remove the dust mite collection to place when pest control agents, but the best pest control agents do not touch the chinese rugs itself, to prevent corrosion. 4, distinction between wool chinese rugs wool quality is good or bad depends on feel soft, glossy look. The length of the wool fiber used are not the same, along the same direction a little friction with your hands, you’ll find long fibre wool not fallen hair, or only a slight loss hair and short fiber wool blanket will be out floating phenomenon of blocks. Silk chinese rugs: 1, go to the professional clean shop clean. 2, avoid exposure to corrosive things, such as washing powder and water, juice, etc. 3, silk chinese rugs is not easy to the insect. 4, stained the water may be fading. The chemical fiber rug: 1, basically without any professional maintenance, simply vacuum cleaner to a week. 2, can be washed. If it is a small piece of chinese rugs, you can take a bath, put it in the foot with you ” showers “, you clean it clean.