Maintenance of invisible corners

As the car entered the family increased the fastest, most interests how car maintenance also became one of the topics. Apart from the on time to repair shop doing routine maintenance on a regular basis, on the maintenance of some small places also worth all car owners pay attention to, because to them as relating to maintenance and care of your comfort and safety while driving. In this issue we brought everyone together understand usual subtle maintenance of common sense. Dashboard cleaning required detailed vehicle interior a very important part is the dashboard of each driver directly, its cleanliness will directly affect the rider on the overall effect of the vehicle internal environment experience. Due to the complex, fringes, and various switching instruments more difficult to clean. Slightly note about instrument disk on will found, only with rag and sponge to clean of parts rarely, these gougoukankan of local required “dedicated tools”, this case Xia own design of “dedicated tools” on can sent Shang used, with various different thickness of chip or ruler tablets, to it of head repair into oblique triangle, and rectangle or Tsim shaped, different style, and to it package in clean of rag inside cleaning gougoukankan is most ideal however of has, both improve has clean effect, while and does not caused was cleaning parts of injury. Car washing chinese rugs by skills is most easily dirty chinese rugs, if you use the brush head cleaning machine for vacuum processing, you can make a dirty chinese rugs doesn’t look so dirty. For some more dirty chinese rugs, you can only use special detergent. General use detergent to the two dust before work, and then spray appropriate amount of detergent, scrubbed clean with the brush, the last extra detergents with a clean cloth rubbed off on it, so that after washing chinese rugs clean and soft as before. Most in need of attention is, chinese rugs do not completely immersed in water cleaning, it will destroy several layers of different materials within the chinese rugs adhesive, which in turn can make chinese rugs in a long time to dry and effects using effects, caused by moisture in the car. Brake check of maintenance of way road brake system focused on the amount of brake fluid, baseline to confirm whether the reception tank. Brake fluid than the previous time you check for significant reduction, is a high probability of a failure occurs. Brake pipe leakage also required close attention, hands row cars fitted with a clutch, which also needs attention and amniotic fluid volume, if it reduces the amount of liquid into the air, not the brakes. Therefore, the brake system maintenance most in need of attention is the brake fluid, if insufficient liquid, into the air, brakes become-insensitive. In addition, to check the clutch, try pedal, check point of intermittent, poor contact or accurate points deviate from the required repairs. For brake fluid, the following 6 points require special attention: 1, brake fluid-storage tank of translucent resin, jars if dirty, simply wiping with a cloth, you can perform simple Visual inspection. Volume 2, brake fluid and brake wear has a close relationship, slowly when there is no problem, if rapidly reduced, for first filled after more observations. 3, through the card box display window check the amount remaining in the brake fluid, you can also note the scars of brake pipe. 4, to the card box, disc brakes on roller spray cleaner to remove dust oil, makes brake sensitivity increases. 5, clutch, first check the engine volume of storage tank in a room, is low clutch cannot be separated. 6, brake and clutch using liquid-liquid of the same, there is a tank alternate can.