Make homes more beautiful, buy chinese rugs tips

To see the raw materials of the chinese rugs. Fine wool and silk are of high quality and quality assurance. Depends on the production process. Around the world knitted lace hand-made chinese rugs of different technologies, but the purchase of the logic is simple, view is strong on the back of the chinese rugs closely tying methods such as 8 characters of the traditional chain, Turkey buckle is the best guarantee strong compact, durable chinese rugs surface. Depends on the tonal style. To select a chinese rugs for your indoor environment. After-sales service. Hand-made chinese rugs to have professional maintenance of high-value, current city there are many professional cleaning company to provide specialized services. Carpet maintenance tips hand vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning only absorb dust on a regular basis. Carpet after one year, should be moved to outdoor knock dust air drying, but do not exposure. Carpet when resurfacing the floor should be clean. After two or three years, to use wool detergent cleaning, drying after washing the chinese rugs back. Chemical washing and decay process of chinese rugs factory has done, shop daily available without placing repellent, long term storage, can blanket a few grains of camphor balls, the good chinese rugs volume tier in air drying.