Many Chinese textile enterprises are experiencing “labor pains

“This period is too busy, but I was still time to squeeze as much as possible” on how to play in Jiaxing City in southern China Textile role of the “as soon as possible to write, ready to upcoming areas’ two sessions’ to submit.” On the morning of 5 , has been elected NPC deputies Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City Heng-cheng, chairman ofTextile Industrial Co., Ltd. in an interview with reporters, said so.

In the current economic situation, many Chinese textile enterprises are experiencing “labor pains.” Xiuzhou District Federation of Industry and Commerce as a Chamber of Commerce and the district people’s congress,more set our sights on the current development of the textile industry Xiuzhou.told reporters that the textile city of Jiaxing in southern China as a gateway to the international and domestic trading of textile products a platform, not only will Xiuzhou played the entire textile industry to file upgrading and extension of the role of industry, but also with the Shaoxing Textile City, Shengze Oriental Silk Market, such as complementary, and have set up the Yangtze River Delta textile trade “gold fields.” However, few enterprises of this “door” lack of confidence in the textile market, so he hopes the “two sessions”, so that more people will care about and support the Southern textile city construction and development.

“Only the closure of businesses, not the closure of industries. Sometimes, the dilemma is also a new opportunity.”said. District People’s Congress elected sinceoften visited enterprises, in-depth understanding of business owners ideas and needs. In a market economy in the wave of veteran of more than 20 years.believes that the current place in the enterprise before I am afraid that the most fundamental issues or how Enhancing “Internal Strength.” “Gone through the crisis, companies should know how to make timely adjustments in response to environmental changes in production and management strategies, through product innovation, expand the business philosophy, improving management efficiency, such as to improve the viability of the textile industry believe that we will usher in the spring of development.” Shen Jin Rong said with a smile.

As a district people’s deputies, they should work more for the people to speak, this is a responsibility.thought that way, but also to do so. In addition to normal very concerned about the enterprise development, urban construction, he also has been the focus of attention. In last year’s district “two sessions”for Wang Jiang Jing Sheng Wan Town vegetable stall near chaos,prominent phenomenon, affecting the cities and towns face of this situation, made greater efforts to rectification of here. Today, North Bay farms Department wins the “Road market” has long ceased to exist.