Mechanism of tufted hand tufted rugs

At the end of chemical fiber fabrics needle machine for cloth knotted pile, forming ring down or cut hand tufted rugs surface mechanism of hand tufted rugs. Tufted hand tufted rugs for short. Tufted hand tufted rugs originated in 19th century United States State of Georgia. Originally due to its appearance as the lawn, also known as the grass (turf) fabric. 20th century years, tufted hand tufted rugs by single knotted pile developed into a needle planted cashmere. 50 there jacquard and printed tufted hand tufted rugs, and gradually in the popularization of Europe and the United States. Since the 60 ‘s, tufted hand tufted rugs chemical fibre as the main raw material, width up to 4~5M, become a mechanism of hand tufted rugs production in the largest and most widely used variety. Tufted hand tufted rugs is the main process of: ¢Ù material preparation, Preheat train acrylic fiber textile cloth and knotted pile at the end of chemical fibre yarn required. ¢Ú knotted pile stereotypes, for needle machine with chemical fiber yarn at the end of acrylic fiber knotted pile with cloth row, high speed, forming neat on a hand tufted rugs surface and dense ring of velvet or plush. ¢Û in the back of the hand tufted rugs scraping or polyester synthetic LaTeX adhesive and stick the cloth and a knotted pile at the end into a solid overall. ¢Ü After finishing process, include the formation of a shearing machine hand tufted rugs surface, hand tufted rugs surface printing paste, hand tufted rugs back styrene-butadiene rubber or polyurethane foam backing or yellow linen backing, to steam fluffy hand tufted rugs surface and finishing. Mechanism in the hand tufted rugs, tufted hand tufted rugs have effects similar to the hand-knotted pile hand tufted rugs, better flexibility and fastness. Tufted hand tufted rugs can also apply printing, jacquard technique, not only high efficiency, and lower cost than woven jacquard hand tufted rugs, so widely used in the transport, residential, indoor laying on the ground.