Method of distinguish quality blankets

Hand-made hand tufted rugs hand-making, more use of pure wool and silk for materials, through the design, color scheme, before and after, hand-knotted, flat on the dyed yarn, hand tufted rugs, blanket, washing blankets, investment and cutting, trimming, a dozen working procedure processing becomes. Dozens of colors can be harmoniously blend together. Close exquisite blankets can extend the life of the hand tufted rugs on the decades of years. Such a cumbersome process, making time to make a blanket needs ranging from several months to a year or two. Carefully to be distinguished for wool and silk, particularly silk hand tufted rugs, silk directly affect the quality of the product price. Bayonet hand tufted rugs is the tire in a special cloth, hand-pricking bayonet out patterns for the color line, and then back in his hand tufted rugs brushing glue, then attach a copy of the end of the cloth, hand-hemming and into. Plus a small amount of silk material is wool, wool, polypropylene, nylon, etc. Patterns can also be up to a dozen kinds of color, precision and service life of less than pure hand blanket. Making time consuming about in about a week or two. Made of woven hand tufted rugs method relies on the current state of the art machinery and equipment, materials are polypropylene, nylon, and some wool. Currently the most advanced weaving technique can make ten different color configurations. Although color patterns and service life are hand-made hand tufted rugs could not be equated, but the price is relatively low. When you purchase depends on the raw materials of the hand tufted rugs. Fine wool and silk are of high quality and quality assurance. Look at the production process. Around the world knitted lace hand-made hand tufted rugs of different technologies, but the purchase of the logic is simple, view is strong on the back of the hand tufted rugs closely tying methods such as 8 characters of the traditional chain, Turkey buckle is the best guarantee strong compact, durable hand tufted rugs surface. Spinning, dyeing, knotted, flat, Tablet, wash, investment, the whole process, weaving handmade hand tufted rugs of thick dense solid, patterned with Emboss effect. Also very important of is, manual hand tufted rugs most focus on on details of processing, as weaving a flap peach, can with a dozen species color, even dozens of species color to touches, red in the has powder, powder in the has white, white in the has red, Xiangyang of side color can light some, shady of local color can deep some, was also petals covered of color can deep some, dew in outside of color can light some, this is machine weaving hand tufted rugs anyway also up does not to of, this is manual hand tufted rugs of art value is located. And woven hand tufted rugs up to only 10 colors, and the same pattern does not appear in the gradient color, looks more stiff. Of course, also depends on the tonal style. To select a hand tufted rugs for your indoor environment. Blankets are coarse textiles, generally divided into Wool blankets and blended woolen blanket. Pure wool blankets. Is most of the pure wool blankets made of wool, its good and bad quality, can be determined from the following three aspects. Handle both neat and softness and flexibility, as long as the touch will be able to identify with their hands. Pile of fluffy, requested blankets are not hard, fluff loose without chaos, covered in blankets down on the surface of tidy, Mao Bo clear. Cashmere fine dense woolly Undercoat must be at the end, not to show at the end, if cashmere fleece side at the end will appear down threadbare. This blanket affecting quality and degrade thermal performance, special attention should be paid. In addition, look at the entire blanket luster is naturally softer. Colors are nice, there is no sense of old. The best blanket side, as long as the color coordination, flat, straight and neat, no broken or bent edges on it. Blend blankets. Blend blankets was based on wool and fiber blended together, both characteristics of pure blankets and acrylic blanket, its cold, warm, soft and comfort are generally better than acrylic blanket, cheaper prices than pure blankets, varieties are blended Jacquard blanket blanket, blended cashmere blanket, blending pigment. Their quality product features: appearance: fewer defects, quality close to pure blanket, hand tufted rugs surface rich, flexible, soft and very real, Bian Daozheng and qi. Handle: when you use a hand up, not harden after pressure, there is flexibility. Proportion of raw material: wool content in line with national quality standards, when you use a method to identify, a smell of burning hair, ashes of char, focal shape is very small. Friction, with little or no static electricity. Trademarks: trademarks the content is complete, Xiuzhi fine. Describes a simple method for identification, easy way to identify blanket fabric components are combustion method. Practice is a surface rubbing some under blankets fleece blankets, lit it with fire, observing the combustion flame of the State, issued after the burning smell smelling cloth yarn, after combustion residues, to determine and durability of the blanket line marked on the label of fabric components to identify authenticity of blanket component. Cotton fibers and fiber are just near the flame is burning, burning rapidly, the flame yellow, take the blue smoke. Distributed in the burning smell and burning ashes after the two difference is that cotton smell burning issue of paper, the Commission issued burning smell wood ash; after combustion, cotton has very little powder ash, black or gray, produces a small amount of white powder ash. Silk ignited is very low, soon after burning off, burns from the smoke is white, and accompanied by burning feathers issued a burnt smell of protein, ash after burning late brittle and fragile, hand pinch that powder; chemical fiber material burning with black smoke and irritating smell, grey-black hand pinch touch at the end, and the first 3 types are significantly different from