Modern room rug purchase instruction

The arrival of winter, many families to increase of warm room, began to look into the hand tufted rugs. Indeed, the hand tufted rugs for its excellent thermal and sound insulation, foot comfort and other decorative features and are more and more families of all ages. But also in selecting hand tufted rugs a lot of learning. 1. first when selecting hand tufted rugs should be selected based on each level of household consumption of different grades of hand tufted rugs. At the same time, should take into account the four, two high-proof, anti-pollution, mute, mildew, burn-proof and resistant to abrasion and corrosion resistance. Four anti-resistance in the second it is difficult to both domestic hand tufted rugs, so each family can be selected according to the actual situation. When you select a hand tufted rugs, in addition to the fiber choices, and should also be laid where space size, furniture design, fit in the overall layout of the room. According to the characteristics of each room, select the material, weave, fiber length and color. If your home is wheelchair and stroller casters often activities such as, you should choose pressure, easy to clean plastic hand tufted rugs and synthetic hand tufted rugs. When you select a chemical fiber and wool hand tufted rugs and avoid elections secant, secant is soft and comfortable, but not wear-resistant. Unit weight of people flows larger rooms should be chosen large, low pile-tip, good wear resistance of cashmere woven hand tufted rugs with a linen lining. Families with small children, focus on selected should be corrosion-resistant, resistant to pollution, easily washed, color darker hand tufted rugs, such as chemical fiber blankets, blanket. 2. size selection of hand tufted rugs specification, size should also be compatible with the function of the room. Usually the bedroom furnishings are simple and can be wall-to-wall hand tufted rugsing. Dining room with single piece hand tufted rugs and covered area of the 70-80%. As restaurants generally placing tables and chairs for dining, and family dining room area is small, its law of placing is, when not dining chair under the table, Dining chairs when pulled out, so pulling the rug size should take into account the Chair. 3. select whichever texture of hand tufted rugs appearance quality, superior hand tufted rugs appearance quality require hand tufted rugs surface for scratches, no stains, no fold, chromatic aberration, the Strip mixing amphibolite and repair marks are barely visible, blanket no bend. Carpet choice, should also be watching his back hand tufted rugs back lining, does not bleed through removal.