Most of the region conducive to the nationwide opening of a boll of cotton picking

According to the National Meteorological Center “in mid-September 2008 agro-meteorological Xunbao” shows that most of the country in mid-September cotton thermal conditions favorable light cotton (12,920, -160.00, -1.22%, right) pick opening of a boll. National temperatures in most areas than the year significantly higher over the same period, precipitation decreased significantly. Xinjiang adequate light and heat in rural areas, conducive to the opening of a boll of cotton picking. Northwest and North China in the eastern most light and heat conditions are better, conducive to the maturity of cotton and other crops. Most of the Huang-Huai and Jianghuai appear 20 to 50 mm of precipitation, light and temperature conditions suitable for the opening of a boll of cotton picking is more favorable. Ten days before the mid-Jianghan, most of the southern and south China Qingre dry, conducive to the cotton-picking bell.

According to the Central Meteorological Station forecast in late September, the south-eastern region in the northwest, southwest of the eastern region, the southern Gangnam, South China precipitation than the same period the year round on the high side, the north-east, north, close to the Huang-Huai precipitation over the same period year or less. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, northeast China and other low temperature than the same period in year 1 ~ 2 ℃, the Huang-Huai, Huaihe, Yangtze River, South China, Xinjiang, Gansu west, and other high 1 ~ 2 ℃, most of the rest of the region close to the same period the year round . Early-year, the Huaihe, Yangtze River, South China and other places will be hot and humid weather.