New House decoration to beautiful and security experts to prompt you for a security vulnerability

No matter how beautiful House decoration, safety is the most important. Yiqian, we only know that, hidden in the room including air pollution, or power outlet, such as leakage current, also are at risk of leakage of natural gas. However recently, as the housing structure and decor change, when you type LOFT and mini fashion, people in the room and discovered a new security risk. Prevention targets: brittle decoration may occur: small apartment security breach: cracked or broken glass to create transparent effects, space can be visually enlarge the mirror. Small apartment for creating a simple and modern way of life and welcomed by some single white collar, but because of limited space, will inevitably cause crowding on the Visual sense, so when some people in the decoration of glass and mirrors to hide this defect, so as to give room to add some modern feeling. But because of the fragile glass and mirror features also gives owners caused some security risks. Precautions: Qin province interior decoration project quality testing station engineers say, some unsafe glass curtain wall, mainly because of inadequate size, thickness, not tempered. As required, when General glass curtain walls over 2 metres in height, thickness 12 mm must be reached also grinding, to prevent the sharp edge of wounding, after cutting, holes in, also sent to the manufacturers do tempered. Mirror thickness in accordance with national standards, should be up to 5 mm at installation time, should be dealt with sealant to the edge, or to paste the first double-sided adhesive on the back, then nail nail. Tempered glass in temperature changes too large easy to burst, to keep the room temperature stable. Prevention targets: indoor stairs may occur: LOFT, duplex, thermocline security hidden danger: steep, not very strong, too smooth with duplex, type skip-floor, LOFT and other popular, indoor stair safety has become a new problem. Slope too steep for some stairs, some steps of the stairs too smooth or too narrow, some stairs in pursuit of a modern simple style and even without handrails, these masters are easily slipped and fell over, or even to fall. Stair style of many on the market today, steel and wood structure, steel structures, all-wood, wood + glass structures, and so on, when many consumers in the design and installation of Interior stairs, often considered too many styles and prices, while ignoring the safety of stairs. Precautions: Qin Gong says buy indoor staircase time should take into account the appearance, usability and security, indoor install fencing to top, bottom of the stairs of the best, stick slip on the steps of the stairs, landing the laying slip pedal mats. When laying hand tufted rugs skid, hand tufted rugs fixed to be in jail. Prevention targets: Windows may occur: family safety with children: is a collision ruptured one named “designer of the initiatives on safety and health” organization has concerns about the growing number of Windows of the ground quite, it believed that, the current building codes not provided reliable protection to the public. They found that some developers in order to control costs, choice of non-laminated glass for Windows, if a collision is likely to injured people. Now, Xian many new residential development are designed with large French Windows, in addition to increasing the lighting area, also for the room to add a sense of the times. For security, the developers in the room, in front of the Windows install Rails, but some owners to appearance, in decoration split rails. And this just makes Windows become one room security risks, especially families with children, chasing the children play in the process of collision to the French Windows, case a French window glass quality does not cross the border, it could cause the child falls or is injured by window glass. Precautions: Qin Gong said, in the Windows install crash barriers, fence the height of the best of more than 1.1 m, of course, it is best to replace ordinary glass tempered glass. Prevention targets: crystal chandelier dangerous place: penthouse, LOFT apartment security hidden danger: drops, broken Crystal lamp light lighting market in dazzling, pick was often as type duplex or LOFT decoration empty living room of choice. But because of the crystal chandelier itself greater weight, installation key link, if you install is not secure, it may be in the room of “killer”. New century community, Dr chandelier crashes have occurred, after the lapse of three months, Mr Yang now to think of it also shudder at. Mr Yeung said, in order to fashion, he has spent more than 1000 Yuan to buy living room a Crystal lamp, the light is heavy indeed, more than 20 pounds, spent half a year later, one night, the lights suddenly fall. Mr Yeung said, Crystal light when the ground is also a large piece of cement down on the ceiling, only listening to a loud snap, family thought that earthquakes, fortunately at that time no one in the living room, not to harm the family. Precautions: Qin Gong says pick empty living room decoration, slightly larger size can be selected, but the light weight is relatively small, style, atmosphere, Crystal lamps can be replaced by using lighter materials to make lamps, such as leather, iron artwork, plastics and so on. If the lamp exceeds 5 kg, must do when installing embedded parts, installed lights to test the load-carrying capacity.