New practical care hand tufted rugs health home

Concept of social progress, the improvement of living standards for people undergoing dramatic changes. Modern home idea has transition from decoration to decorative, people pay attention to with a variety of soft decoration dress up their home. As the health awareness of the growing people for many soft decoration also required more and more health. In this way, as a new ground textile decoration, health hand tufted rugs came into being. Health hand tufted rugs, including hand tufted rugs ontology and placed hand tufted rugs ontology Shang surface of massage head massage head top has insert clamp holes, built-in has hard mass massage block, health hand tufted rugs massage head within of hard mass massage block and human contact, improve has massage of effect, with fruit this health hand tufted rugs can for into assembled type by hand tufted rugs ontology of shape, and color changes composition different of pattern; structure simple hand tufted rugs ontology side reset has connection device. Practical and healthy care hand tufted rugs now has gained a lot of ordinary families of all ages. New hand tufted rugs care hand tufted rugs care health home