Nursing rug: wipe longest warranty carefully clean

As we all know, greatest shortcoming of the hand tufted rugs is to take care of it too much trouble, although some families like the texture of the hand tufted rugs and comfortable, but discourage the cleaning and maintenance of hand tufted rugs. In fact, the correct use of hand tufted rugs using cleaning methods, hand tufted rugs is still the choice for home furnishings. Using hand tufted rugs Shi, first should as far as possible avoid Sun direct, otherwise will led hand tufted rugs aging faded; hand tufted rugs is by natural fiber or chemical fiber made, in using Shi do not contact combustion property; hand tufted rugs using early blanket surface will produced small floating hair, using must time Hou will gradually reduced, usually should note cleanup hand tufted rugs Shang of floating hair; because hand tufted rugs of surface layer fiber within easy accumulation dust, most common of method is with vacuum cleaner along Shun hair of direction absorption dust; as local pollution, available hand tufted rugs dry cleaning agent or general dry cleaning agent wipe, and with wet cloth wipe NET, and in cool Department dry; hand tufted rugs and furniture of long-term contact surface easy wear, should placed pad layer, cover property be protection, reduced wear degree; hand tufted rugs should not be local washed, more avoid with gasoline, organic solvent scrubbed, so as not to faded and damage hand tufted rugs fluff; as hand tufted rugs was serious pollution or explicit old Shi, can overall washed complex new; as hand tufted rugs in using process in the appears pour cashmere, can with clean towel wet hot water wipe, with hair dryer machine soft blowing dry Hou with comb carding Shun direct, carefully of family also can with iron pad wet bushunmao ironing, hand tufted rugs on can recovery undisturbed has.