Nylon hand tufted rugs cleaning procedures

Steps a: cold water + wash Jie agent to cold water wetting, in with vacuum cleaner absorption dry to 1% clean agent wipe stains vacuum cleaner absorption dry repeat above action three times as stains still in, fulfil steps 2 steps second: hot water to pollution with 1% clean agent and hot water (China’s 100-120 of) of mixed liquid, wipe to stains for Center a feet within of regional vacuum cleaner absorption dry depending on need repeat above steps note: continued using high concentration of strong wash Jie agent on hand tufted rugs back material and fiber itself will produced negative effect. Bleach should therefore be used at the end, to ensure that the hand tufted rugs life. To prevent stains become freckled tips of the wing hard to dispel, fast processing, spill liquid on the rug with white soft paper suck. In the shop a few more layer above, gently wipe, then stepped on a stepped on. Repeat this step until clean matter until saturated. Gooey stuff should be smooth, such as spoon, gently scrape up. Solid or powder with a vacuum cleaner works best.