Oct. 30 domestic cotton market Comments

Domestic spot: October 30, the China Cotton (12,155, -150.00, -1.22%, right) price index (CC Index328 level) to 11,773 yuan / ton, down 137 yuan yesterday; CC Index229 level to 12,159 yuan / ton, Down 186 yuan; CC Index527 level to 11,208 yuan / ton, down 101 yuan.

Bring together the market: October 30, MA0812 to close at 12,060 yuan, the average price of 12,034 yuan, up 31 yuan; MA0901 to close at 12,190 yuan, the average price of 12,157 yuan, up 65 yuan. The whole transaction 14,620 tons, with a total volume of orders for 59,160 tons, 340 tons to increase.

12,270 up 55 points; 27,450 hand-market transactions, a total of 54,858 positions by 480 hand in hand.

Cotton imports: October 30, to replace imported cotton, the main Hong Kong and China have been stable and offer up, but see little change overall. At present, a new round of Shouchu is hot, very positive market response, and mainland It is understood that the cotton price may Shouchu and Xinjiang, shows that the Chinese government has determined to boost domestic cotton prices.