October 14 kinds of domestic market prices of chemical fiber raw materials Comments

 Today, PTA, MEG prices continued to show weakness trend. Half-light, bright polyester chip prices slightly Pandie, CDP chip prices are still down, PET bottle chip prices temporary consolidation. Acrylic staple fiber 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × 102mm prices consolidation; CPL, nylon 6 chip prices are down. Polyester market is still in the doldrums, trading volume on the market is still in the middle-level market Polyester species appears to be the trend of more fragmented and there are still sporadic prices fell. Polyester market during the period of both the upstream or downstream, not what tends to look the more positive aspects, Polyester prices may continue for some time. Today, polyester staple fiber market price of 9800 yuan Center / ton, down 150 yuan / ton.