October 15 Sheng chemical fiber market price differential fiber Comments

The differentiation of differentiation wire prices Cationic prices continue to fall, some of the products with lower prices, the current polyester raw material prices are still CDP slice of fatigue, and concentrated on the lower reaches of wait-and-see less purchasing power. I believe that shortly after cation silk market will be down. Polyester / polyester composite wire market was also stable. From the market price, polyester / polyester composite wire (DT-led + POY) 100 * 100 and (DT-led + POY) 100 +50 of the market price of 12,100 yuan / ton and 13,000 yuan / ton. Now the market demand for stable, so in the near future T / polyester composite wire or market consolidation will continue. An island composite wire slightly lower market prices, mainly by the upper reaches of the prices of raw materials affected by the current downstream of its stability in the production and marketing related products. Sea Island is expected in the near future composite wire or market-based consolidation. T / Kam composite wire weak performance of the market, selling a bit smoother. Market outlook is expected to T / Kam composite wire market will be weak.