October 20 Sheng chemical fiber market Comments

October 20, Polyester performance of the market continued to show “light”, the lower reaches of buying wait-and-see psychology is very serious for the general market in the late first-line Kandi. Polyester low-price dumping by foreign influence, section enterprises spinning part of the products made with the tune.

From the trend of variety, plus shells with POY products are still trading volume, 150D/48F in the price of 8800 yuan / T, but POY wire network to fight for the very poor demand. DTY150D/48F (network) continue to move off the state, in addition, DTY100D/36F market can be. FDY Ban Xiaoguang 50D/24F, 54D/24F due to warp the fabric moving sale, the lower reaches of the stability of demand. FDY bright large downstream demand fair, the current price of 50D in 13,000 yuan / T, 75D in the price of 11,800 yuan / T, the market demand. PTT Qiaoxiao memory wire is mainly used for the production of memory fabric. Today, the upper reaches of the raw material polyester chip market collapse, the entire market Polyester thick atmosphere of wait-and-see, the majority believe that the market outlook Polyester prices have continued to decline in market trends.