Of information to enhance the overall competitiveness of the textile industry

From the country as a pilot application of information industry, China’s textile industry, information technology has made remarkable development, prominent industry the level of public information services and enterprise application information increases the level of the. As the world’s textile production, consumption and the largest exports, China’s textile industry in the face of the international financial crisis to speed up structural adjustment and the pace of industrial upgrading. Must adapt to China’s textile industry of “small quantities, many species, changes in speed,” the industry characteristics, the application of information technology are important means.

“In the textile industry, information technology, the industry of public information services platform, enterprise applications to promote information and industry information to study the formulation of standards are the three focus.” China Textile Industry Association, deputy director of the Department of information -kui said, “in 2009, These three points will be the textile industry are the focus of information technology direction. ”

Structures of public information sharing platform

Textile industry, many small and medium-sized enterprises, the characteristics of industrial clustering, the decision of public information industry service platform is to enhance the level of industry information, and promote industrial upgrading, the inevitable choice.

China’s textile enterprises of the large number and the majority of small and medium enterprises, in the years of development has gradually formed a mainly small and medium-sized industries gathered to each textile industry enterprises gathered in homes from 100-200 to 1000-2000 at home range. Canton Xinhuanet textile enterprises by funding, personnel, technology and other constraints, depend on the strength of its own difficult to quickly improve the level of application of information and therefore rely on government, industry, etc. promoted by the competent authorities set up public information service platform is a better choice , the textile industry of public information service platform can be seen the importance of the building.

In this regard, kui said, “We have been in promoting the Chinese textile industry Net Alliance-building in order to achieve the industry an effective information resource integration and information sharing, and implementation for the whole textile industry chain information services.” “Industrial league Net” systems are textile industry cluster main site applications, which the textile industry association official website of “China Textile Economic Information Network” as the core to the textile industry cluster, the professional markets, and key enterprises, scientific research institutions, textile colleges, industry associations such as professional web site for member units. Now realize the “China Textile Economic Information Network” with 25 members of the Internet node site, the completion of a major application system design and development, information resources for the development, implementation of information sharing. System will further expand the number of connected network nodes, allowing the system to a broader coverage of services, continue to strengthen the building of information resources, and continuously integrates industry information resources, to expand, and improve information services.

“Integration is the industry’s public information service platform The biggest difficulty.” horse that many independent local public information service platform industry confined to the geographical and industry coverage, if the can to a unified platform-oriented, forming a cover on the downstream industries chains and different regions of the vast network of information acquisition costs and operating costs will reduce the large-scale, plagued the industry platform for the Service will also be questions to be resolved.

Business skills to enhance competitiveness

Textile industry, many varieties, many orders, small batches, production flow length, the production process was characterized by continuity, the decision of the enterprise information construction, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises are an important tool.

In the textile enterprises in information-based applications, ERP (enterprise resource management) software is the most industry characteristics, but also be focused on the development and improvement of information technology products. According to 2007 China Textile Industry Association’s sample survey, the current application of textile enterprise management ERP system is only about 7%, the vast majority of enterprises still remain in the backward phase of manual management, ERP software market is a huge demand, the current textile enterprises fit ERP software applications, the degree of maturity is not high, the enterprise is difficult to fully meet the demand, so the textile ERP system is very important.

Represented in ERP enterprise application information for the textile industry has brought considerable economic benefits. Especially in lower inventory, improve productivity, lower production costs, speed up the reaction speed enterprise to shorten the delivery time, improve product quality, optimize production processes and many have made a larger breakthrough, effectively promoted the growth of the economic efficiency of enterprises. Such as Guangdong Esquel Textiles Co., Ltd. in the application of the information system, significantly enhance the market’s rapid response capability, and its products from the original due date of the world is reduced to an average of 40 days 25 days -30; Erdos (10.26,0.05,0.49 %) groups after the application of information management system, manufacturing costs by 10%, managers decreased by about 10%, capacity increased by 10% -15%, improve the efficiency of 10% -20%.

  kui said, “in 2009, we will continue to promote the textile industry in the ERP system as the core information of the application of textile enterprises demonstration project through in the industry to establish a model works, the way the Model Driven Engineering industry enterprise informatization construction carried out . “such as Yong-xiang Textiles Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, Ningbo Youngor (9.07,0.07,0.78%) Wool Textile Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd., Beijing Copper Company, Ltd. and other knitting cow, they were identified as cotton, wool textile, knitting in their respective professions, such as information technology application and demonstration of enterprise, for the implementation of the management of textile enterprises Driven Innovation for industry-wide business information to carry out the construction of enhanced confidence, set a model.

At the same time, many textile enterprises can make use of information technology and the market represented by the brand management, service and quality of the intangible benefits, to enhance brand company’s brand. Such as copper cow Beijing, Ordos, etc. throughout the country because of the implementation of a marketing network of information systems management, and greatly enhance the brand effect.