(February 25, 2009) Chinese cotton market situation and Comments

Entered in 2009, country, the textile industry, such as the revitalization of planning a series of macro-control policies to further show the effect of the domestic cotton market has been warming, acquisitions, sales prices rose steadily.

January, policy support in the country, the seed cotton prices continued to sell a small rise before the Chinese New Year combined with the increased demand for money, the enthusiasm of farmers sell higher, pre-sell the slower progress of notably increasing the speed of the region, one of Xinjiang’s pay sale has been basically completed. According to the China Cotton Association to monitor, as of January 2009, the National surveyed the progress of farmers sell for an average of 82.3 percent, fell 7 percentage points. The average price of seed cotton growers sell 4.48 yuan / kg, than in December was up 0.08 yuan / kg, the same period last year fell by 1.57 yuan / kg, or 26%.

  the third round of the month continues, the total turnover of 362,200 tons cotton reserves. As of the end of January, 2008 to reserve a new annual aggregate 1,815,650 tons of cotton, accounting for plan 2,720,000 tons of 66.8%. China Cotton Association, according to monitoring, the month-grade seed cotton processing enterprises in the standard price for an average of 4.85 yuan / kg, than in December rose 0.16 yuan / kg, folding lint 10,861 yuan / ton (not including processing fees), than in December rose 575 yuan / tons.

Fewer working days because of the month, affecting the textile and apparel exports in January data, the export amount was 15.2 billion U.S. dollars, the Central than the same period last year dropped by 5.2% and 0.6%. Increase the export tax rebate policies in effect appear, and garment export growth. Some of the operators better textile enterprises in order to maintain normal production, a slight increase in the number of completed database, in addition to policy support by , cotton sales price rose slightly. January Chinese cotton price index (CC Index328) the average price of 11,067 yuan / ton, ring up more than 222 yuan / ton, up 2556 yuan fell / tons. The same period in Zhengzhou cotton futures prices and the national cotton trading market rebounded slightly electron together. In January to replace imported cotton, reducing substantially the number of monthly imports of 78,000 tons, ring decreased 9%, 11% year-on-year decline.

Chinese New Year has just passed, and the State Council, which examined and approved in principle the revitalization of the textile industry adjust planning, clear the important status of the textile industry shows that the country attached great importance to the textile industry. Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation announced the February 1 from the increase in textile and apparel from the export tax rebate rate by 1 percentage point to 15%. Some relevant details will also be gradually introduced, the implementation of these policies to alleviate the current difficulties in textile enterprises will play a positive role, but also will promote the further pick up the cotton market.

With the warmer weather, some farmers have begun sowing prepared. According to the China Cotton Association and the Association of understanding around the cotton, the cotton this year, add to the cost of a substantial price decline in the impact of cotton farmers reduced intention, preparedness broadcast passion is obviously insufficient, such as purchase of species was significantly lower than the same period last year. However, because the majority of agricultural prices in general down, farmers are still waiting to see, such as policy, market watch.