On cotton linter and related knowledge of cottonseed oil

On the issue of cotton linter different varieties of cotton linter content different, some cotton varieties on cottonseed attachment have a cotton linter, while others don’t, is the photon. Attachment of short fiber varieties, some short fiber, less fluff. General produce a variety of short fiber tons of seed cotton lint production 12-13% of short fibre, where: a Linter accounted for about 12-13% of 10%; two Linter accounted for about 12-13% becomes prohibitive; three Linter accounted for about 12-13% of 20-30%; inferior cottonseed easily damaged in the process, Linter is extremely low. Short fiber prices with lint prices fluctuate, seedless cotton prices have rebounded this year, short fiber prices also rose recently: a short fiber prices around $ 3200-3500 per ton; two short fiber prices around $ 2200-2500 per ton; three short fiber prices around $ 2000-2300 per ton; short fibre production is not isolated, is essential for lint production facilities. A rolling spent factory of composition: seed cotton inspection level acquisition institutions facilities goods Taiwan; factory workshop 300-500 square Qing spent machine 2 Taiwan 120 tablets cotton gin price about 5.15 million Yuan around 3-6 Taiwan stripped short cashmere machine price about 1-1.50,000 yuan around playing Charter price about 150,000 yuan around a dust device price about 120,000 yuan around electrical device fire facilities and security device in short, built a rolling spent factory required 1 million Yuan around, if season good also can, if bad, yard eat does not full, benefit does not good. Many individual plant distribution of lint, yard of this irregular, is temporary, will be perfect, perfect, otherwise produced by lint, Linter is mixed, affecting textile quality, high prices naturally will not.