Silk needlepoint rugs washing method

Silk needlepoint rugss and tapestries. Is the treasure of needlepoint rugss and tapestries. Machining fine silk blankets, pattern, color and appearance, has a unique natural Sheen, so prices are expensive. When washing silk blankets, must to be conformal, protecting sample and color, Yasumitsu and therefore dry cleaning only. But also not accept dry cleaning machine, only dry cleaner by hand. Before washing, to the silk needlepoint rugs with a vacuum cleaner dust both sides of the net. When washing, with a small towel on the leaching of gasoline, is wet, then silk blanket repeated scrubbing 2~3 again. Small towel, at any time you want to wash gasoline CIC. When you finish cleaning silk needlepoint rugs again after, debris Net absorption of wiping down. Silk blankets even if dry cleaning is complete. In addition, silk needlepoint rugs with Spike, water base detergents cleaning. Method is to use the soft brush dipped in aqueous detergent cleaning needlepoint rugs on Spike, edge cleaning wipe dry with a clean, dry towel. On the down and dirty cleaning dirt adsorbed on the towel to prevent the pollution of needlepoint rugs. And then again with a clean damp towel blanket sui scrubbed it over, Spike on the left in the needlepoint rugs washing liquid adsorption on the towel, the last blanket panicle dry with a clean dry towel. Such as blanket sui yellow, usable hydrogen peroxide bleach, for some small piece of the pure wool rug or Tin this way hand dry cleaning. But some needlepoint rugs should not be washed with this method.