Origin and development of the hand tufted rugs–“Regal” was born

Chinese sit on since ancient times. “Seats”, refers to the use of plant fiber or animal fur of woven into bedding. The rot on the table to talk about said: “at a time when the ancient, seats, hand tufted rugs, hand tufted rugs, Pad only names and different and real. “I have warm I-mat, mat is to use zhuteng, reeds and straw into warm I use animal skins, wool, cotton, silk, woven together. Han dynasty people according to the different process of warm seats, be clearly divided into “hand tufted rugs” and “felt”, which also addressed in books, of the said said: “trample on wool into tablets so that felt. “The original of said:” the blanket, wool seat, weaving on colored flowers. “That is felt is with sheep, cattle, wool has been used in hot and humid, extrusion of whole areas to shop. Blanket is made of wool, linen, silk, cotton, spinning, dyeing, weaving of textile fabrics. In nuomuhongtali he HA site, in the 10th century BC unearthed in 1959 large amounts of wool fabric and spinning wheel, which felt wool rope, there is a piece of colored wool seat debris, although more than 3,000 years, but with a yellow, Brown, red and blue color bar pattern is still clearly visible hair woven into. This is so far unearthed the earliest Mao Xi (woven rugs) debris.