ov. 21 analysis of the domestic cotton market

Domestic spot: November 21, the China Cotton (11120,195.00,1.78% of it) price index (CC Index328 level) to 10,436 yuan / ton, up 41 yuan; CC Index229 level to 10,943 yuan / ton, up 26 yuan; CC Index527 level for 9716 yuan / ton, up 7 yuan.

Bring together the market: November 21, MA0812 to close at 10,460 yuan, the average price of 10,456 yuan, down 297 yuan; MA0901 to close at 10,650 yuan, the average price of 10,632 yuan, down 140 yuan; MA0903 to close at 10,760 yuan, the average price of 10,727 yuan, down 198 yuan; MA0904 to close at 10,840 yuan, the average price of 10,811 yuan, down 203 yuan. The whole transaction 12,540 tons, with a total volume of orders for 61,160 tons, an increase 4800 tons.

Cotton imports: November 21, to replace imported cotton, the main Hong Kong and China offer a significant fall in most of the varieties fell more than 1 cent.