Pakistan spinning enterprises have been overwhelmed

Pakistan’s textile industry said that to avoid a large number of the closure of enterprises, enterprises need to extend the repayment period of two years, especially in the spinning industry, as a result of an unprecedented shortage of electricity, spinning enterprises have been overwhelmed. About 200 enterprises, especially hydropower development on the Commission’s power transmission business, has been closed due to high electricity prices.

The report pointed out that the industry is now only 70-80 at home spinning enterprises electricity directly through the government running. But from early 2008 until the beginning of the power shortage is still not resolved today, spinning enterprises have plunged into chaos. Spinning enterprises since 2007 began to shout too high proportion of operating costs, the need for the government to inject liquidity into the same time, they also ask for a reduction in the cost of public utilities for textile enterprises to repay loans to extend the period of two years, to secure a textile enterprises to survive.