“Palace of Heavenly Purity” tapestry starting to eight million yuan

Of concern to our community’s robes auction January 16 in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao Center for the hammer, including 30 royal silk robes and so on latitude, including the first art auction auction auction scored a total of 117 transactions 55,421,000 yuan, 56 percent turnover rate, of which the “palace of art performances,” a total of 40 auction, traded 43.15 million yuan, 55 percent turnover rate.

A Qing Emperor Qianlong, “Palace of Heavenly Purity” tapestry of art as a special court of the grand finale in the last auction debut, starting in eight million yuan, 8.9 million yuan hammer, taking into account the commission, the final closing price of 9.79 million yuan, a record audience to the second expensive.

Tapestry, also known as tapestries, is hanging on the walls, pillars to make decorative carpet Crafts category. Northwest China since ancient times the custom of hanging tapestry, the first kind is the tapestry of Lop Nur, Xinjiang Loulan ancient ruins of the Western Han Dynasty unearthed in the plain weave “figure head” carpet pieces.

Latitude auction’s acquisition of this production in the tapestry, the full name is called disk Kim Jae Wulonggou silk velvet tapestry, woven blanket edge the side of “Palace of Heavenly Purity,” the words, very rare. The blanket 249 centimeters long, 152.5 centimeters wide to hand-weaving, gold plate, the color silk Fleece. Tapestry master patterns for Wulonggou map, which decorated with miscellaneous treasures, moire, blankets cliff edge for water Jiang Wen. Tapestry of plant dyeing, with brightly colored, fade-resistant properties. Fine golden thread twisting to four shares synthetic carpet surface in a disk. The main pattern in the tapestry Zhenglong was an air of authority, four lines of Liuzhou Body flexible, dynamic, and are echoed Liuzhou, the composition of the performance of the emperor’s statue of Wulong Fig. Blanket decorated edge over the sea cliffs Jiang, and dragon design complement each other, meaning the Jiangshan million on behalf of, does not stand still.

This tapestry selected materials, technological complexity, weaving meticulous, composition density have caused, a clear pattern, color China and the United States, meaning sharp, is the same period of such provision of materials for the products.